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This year, QuickBooks Connect in San Jose is from November 6-8. There are so many reasons to go: network with like-minded accounting professionals, step up your QuickBooks Online knowledge, learn how to expand your business, be in sunny California in November.

We have a few tips that will set you up for a successful #QBConnect. The main theme here is to PLAN AHEAD. You’re taking a few days out of your very busy schedule. It costs something to get to QBConnect. Make sure you squeeze all the value you can out of this conference without overwhelming yourself.

1. Fly first class if you can: Diamond Level QuickBooks Support team member and QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Lynda Artesani, advises you to upgrade your plane ticket. “You are going to be expending a lot of energy at the conference. If you’re flying across the country, you want to make sure you are well rested when you arrive.”

2. Make sure you plan your agenda ahead of time — with some flexibility built in. Read through the daily schedules and list of speakers so you don’t miss anyone unintentionally.

3. Wear comfortable shoes — not your most beautiful shoes, but the ones that won’t betray you mid-morning. You will be on your feet and walking A LOT. Happy feet = happy person.

4. Get an extra phone battery.

LeanLaw will be part of a “law track” on November 6. If you’ve ever considered niching into law firm clients, you’ve hit the jackpot on expertise on this day. LeanLaw CEO Gary Allen kicks off the first breakout session at 10:30am with Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Law Firm Clients but Were Afraid to Ask.

5. Take mints / gum — you’ll be talking to people nonstop. You don’t want to be self conscious about your breath.

6. Don’t mess with a rental car — sign up for Uber or Lyft and get the discounts.

7.  Stay nearby if you can — conference hall is huge and takes a few minutes to exit.

8. Use AirBnB if you can’t afford a hotel.

The 2nd breakout settion of the “law track” is LeanLaw Accounting Pro and law firm expert, Caren Schwartz with Working with QuickBooks Online and Law Firms at 1pm.

9. Make a list of goals for yourself at the conference – when you have intentions, you have a better chance of measuring what a successful conference looks like.

10. ace yourself: don’t use all your energy on Day One. You have three full days ahead of you.

11. If you go with a friend or business colleague, go your separate ways, so you force yourselves to explore and discover new things.

The third breakout session is with LeanLaw Accounting Pro Brandy Derrick. Her topic at 2:30pm: Advanced Legal Firm Issues – Handling Trust Accounts and Other Complex Reporting Situations

12. Check out the exhibitors , like LeanLaw, in between breakout sessions, lunch, networking — some exhibitors create apps that work with QuickBooks Online and just might offer the business solution you’re looking for. Again, go through the list of exhibitors before you get there so you can hit the ground running.

13. Hydrate, because dehydration impacts your ability to retain information and concentrate. And makes you tired and cranky.

14. Have fun. For real. What’s the point if this is not fun?

At 4pm, there is a Power Panel: How to Provide Advisory Services to Your Legal Firm Clients. LeanLaw Chief Services Officer Jonathon Fishman will moderate a panel of LeanLaw Accounting Pros Caren Schwartz, Brandy Derrick and Lynda Artesani

We’ll see you at the conference. We’ll be at the Demo Wall — D11 — be sure to stop by and get a demo.

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