The LeanLaw Story

Lower overhead is good for everyone. So is less manual work.

About Us / Mission:

LeanLaw’s mission is to help law and professional service firms build better businesses. By better, we mean efficient, transparent, and empowering of the deepest values of the firm.


LeanLaw clients will thrive because our software brings them palpable value. Every aspect of our clients’ financial operations is improved meaningfully, from workflows to reporting to industry-leading data insights.


LeanLaw values diversity, authenticity and teamwork. Everyone is heard and valued: we bring our humor, our culture, our idiosyncrasies. We are supported in our personal growth and seeking our best selves. We are peers on a team.

LeanLaw values responsibility. We are expected and empowered to do the right thing for our clients and each other. We are open and transparent. We find joy in serving others.

Jonathon Fishman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jonathon is a two-time founder with an exit of $25 million. He has 20 years of C level experience specific to B2B focused software and solutions. He has a knack for translating and interpreting market conditions into internal and external objectives. He has developed businesses around immature markets in the areas of tele-health, educational assessment, interactive television, video game and web development and mobile technology. He’s also a crazy Lakers fan!

Gary Allen, Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Gary was fed up with the technology available to attorneys. As a partner in one of Idaho’s largest law firms and after more than 25 years as a top land use and environmental attorney, Gary had a keen understanding of law firm workflows and a sense of the transformative potential of technology. Gary started LeanLaw with the idea that if lawyers are unshackled from the excessive overhead burden of traditional practice, they will be happier and better able to serve their clients and society. Gary is passionate about helping the legal profession transform from a horse-and-buggy cottage industry into a lean, 21st century profession.

Fred Willerup, Founder & Chief Technology Officer

As a proponent of “continuous development,” Fred heads LeanLaw’s engineering team, getting new features to users as quickly as possible. Fred has done innovative work at HP Labs, as Investment Director at NorthCap Partners, and managed the API team at Healthwise.