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Helping modern law firms be more efficient, collaborative and profitable through smarter financial operations.

About LeanLaw
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A purpose-built financial
operating system.
By lawyers, for lawyers.

Thoughtfully engineered and designed for how law firms actually work, LeanLaw is built right on top of QuickBooks Online to provide a seamlessly integrated, complete financial solution for modern, mid-sized law firms looking to reduce overhead and find workflow efficiencies. LeanLaw empowers every team member to track, invoice and report billable time, collaborate efficiently from anywhere, and streamline billing to maximize profitability.

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Our story

Gary was fed up with the technology available to attorneys. As a partner in one of Idaho’s largest law firms with more than 25 years as a top land use and environmental attorney, Gary had a keen understanding of law firm workflows and a sense of the transformative potential of technology. LeanLaw was born of the idea that if lawyers are unshackled from the excessive overhead burden of traditional practice, they will be happier and better able to run a firm on their terms that truly serves their clients and society. Five years into this journey, Gary now has a team of talented, passionate people helping the legal profession transform from a yellow pad and paper invoice industry into a lean, 21st century profession.

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You don’t just want a job, you want to make a real impact. At LeanLaw, you can. We’re a team of passionate legal practitioners, engineers, communicators, and more, all working together to help mid-sized law firms do more. Learn how you can be a part of reshaping the future for how modern firms operate.