Become a data driven law firm

Law firm profitability metrics to grow your business. The right insights when they need them. From billable time and budgeting to write-downs and compensation, you’ll find actionable data in a click.

Centralized Reporting For All Your Data

Streamline your reporting and give your team what they need

Real time reports always up-to-date and synced with QuickBooks Online.

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Identify high-revenue clients, payments and what receivables are due to be collected.

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Gain a deep understanding of metrics: like realization, productivity, and compensation.

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Understand where profitability is on the upswing or decline. Generate reports to compare to previous periods.

Create reports specific to your law firm’s needs.

Short video on customization of compensation tracking and reporting: from origination to distribution.

Customized compensation reporting

At the click of a button, no need to ask someone to do it for you.

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Origination reports

Calculate and itemize collected revenue at the firm, user, client, and matter level.

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Productivity reports

Run reports that line up with your firm’s compensation model. Centralized data keeps you even more productive.

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Intelligent Invoicing & Budgeting

Actionable data gives you real-time options.

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Real-time expense reporting

When you understand the external expenses of a matter in real-time, you can more accurately budget the firm’s outlay of expenses, and recapture costs during invoicing.

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Actionable, real-time receivables

With deep integration into QuickBooks Online, you’ll always know what’s due and what has been received, for any matter.

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Always balanced

LeanLaw collates past information — receivable balance, trust balance, when last payment was made — and ties those into real-time data from QuickBooks Online.

The LeanLaw Difference

What sets LeanLaw’s reporting and compensation tools apart:

Next level compensation tracking to make your firm smarter.

Ability to customize, automate and export into Excel

Clarity and transparency for your team and clients with easy-to-read reports

True integration with QuickBooks Online

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– Ian M

I really like the response time when asking questions and how it seems that staff really takes your suggestions seriously and implements changes based on them. For things like QBO it’s impossible to get your suggestions listened to quickly so I really like how LL does that.

Headshot of an african american man smiling.

– Nick V

My Firm moved from a one size fits all solution about 6 months ago to using the Microsoft suite tools and LeanLaw integrated with Gravity Legal and Quick Books. This has been the best move we could have made. The integration between these three has been nothing but wonderful.

Legal Accounting Features

Explore all the other features the LeanLaw financial operating system offers to streamline your legal operations and reduce the workload on your team of legal professionals:

Get started with LeanLaw

Discover how the LeanLaw platform generates and customizes your reporting process, effortlessly.

Reporting & insights with LeanLaw

Hear about how LeanLaw’s custom reporting empowers your team to better understand your data by creating reports specific to your firm’s needs.

LeanLaw frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact us along your LeanLaw journey. But here are some FAQ to get you started.

What is LeanLaw?

LeanLaw is a best in breed legal time tracking, accounting and reporting software solution that provides real-time insights for law firms.

What type of data can I find in LeanLaw reporting?

You can find reporting for: billable time, origination, timekeeper productivity, expenses, AR, budgeting, accounting, adjustments, compensation data, and more in LeanLaw reporting.

How does LeanLaw work with QuickBooks Online?

LeanLaw has a deep integration with QuickBooks Online and provides real-time reports for billable hours, non-billable hours, expenses, WIP, accounting, and more.

Can I generate reports on high-revenue clients with LeanLaw?

Yes, you can generate reports to better identify high-revenue clients and payments in LeanLaw. You can also generate reports by practice area, origination, expenses, timekeeper and firm performance, and more.

What kind of metrics can I understand with LeanLaw’s budgeting feature?

With LeanLaw’s budgeting feature, you can gain a deep understanding of metrics such as your realization, productivity, and compensation reporting.

Can I run reports to compare data to previous periods in LeanLaw?

Yes, you can generate reports to quickly interpret where money is being made or lost and compare it to previous periods.

Does LeanLaw provide custom reporting for my firm’s specific needs?

Yes, LeanLaw provides custom reporting that empowers your team to better understand your data by creating reports specific to your firm’s needs.

Can I get detailed collection reports in LeanLaw?

Yes, LeanLaw provides clear and detailed collection reports at the click of a mouse.

Does LeanLaw have origination reports?

Yes, LeanLaw has origination reports that allow you to calculate and itemize collected revenue at the firm, user, client, and matter level.

Can I run productivity reports that align with my firm’s compensation model in LeanLaw?

Yes, you can run productivity reports that line up with your firm’s compensation model so you and your team are no longer bouncing between various spreadsheets and dashboards.

Does LeanLaw have a mobile app?

Yes, LeanLaw has an app for mobile devices, on both iOS and Android users.

Is LeanLaw a law practice management software like Clio?

No. LeanLaw is a legal accounting and reporting software. LeanLaw believes that all-in-one legal practice management platforms can’t be good at everything. LeanLaw can advise on best-in-breed apps that can integrate into a tech stack to replace your mediocre legal practice management software. Your legal software should delight you rather than being a burden. Microsoft Office integrates with LeanLaw and can provide document management, calendaring, messaging, email (Outlook), task management, video conferencing and more. Contact LeanLaw about how to build a legal tech stack.