Streamline your billing and get paid faster.

What’s due and what’s left to do?

LeanLaw’s simplified billing processes and expense tracking helps law firms generate invoices with ease. Both desktop and mobile app are cloud-based and fully integrated into QuickBooks Online in real-time.

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– Wm Paul S.
Attorney, Capterra

“Simple, easy to use, outstanding value”
Overall: Excellent. Highly recommend for small to mid-sized law firms. Pros: This software only does what it needs to do: time and billing. And it does a fantastic job at it. The interface is simple and easy to learn for users. It is also very fast and responsive. Yet it also support numerous features, such as LEDES, contingencies, and flat fee work. Great integration with Quickbooks Online. Online availability makes it cross-platform and available anywhere. Trust accounting is a snap. Customer support is excellent. And the price is a fraction of other online providers!

Less time billing, more time lawyering

Spend more time generating revenue and less time processing billing. Obviously.

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Increase Cash Flow

Automate payments and trust account replenishments – eliminate manual workarounds and save hours.

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Bill from anywhere, securely

Create and approve bills, send bills electronically, and get paid more quickly, from anywhere.

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Bill clients the way they prefer

Manage client billing preferences – online payments, email, credit card, retainers, and more.

Modern legal billing: automated, integrated, and pleasant

Manage client expectations

Understand how much time is devoted to recurring tasks 

Automate standard billing and LEDES legal billing codes

Modernized Legal Billing Thats Automated Integrated And Pleasant
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Invoice clarity

When invoices are easy to read, you’ll get paid faster. Customize billing the way your clients prefer or the way that works best for your firm.

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Automation, not workarounds

Enter time and expenses together: invoice clients. No more needing to remember to send a bill for an extra expense. Both timekeeping and expenses seamlessly integrate into your billing workflow by matter.

LeanLaw modernizes
all legal billing methods, including

Fixed fee billing

Measure and streamline flat fee billing solutions

Understand the value of your fixed fee services

Move beyond the billable hour by tracking time against flat fees.

Create automated billing workflows.

Manage accounts and invoice more easily with LeanLaw’s

QuickBooks Online integration.

LEDES billing

This process does NOT have to be a headache.

Fully integrated and automated LEDES time entries and invoices.

Support of standard ABA UTBMS code sets.

Support for Standard, Litigation, Patent / IP, Bankruptcy, and more. (If you don’t see your legal billing code set, LeanLaw can add it.)

Create electronic LEDES (1998b, 1998bi, XML 2000, LSS) invoices automatically.

The LeanLaw difference

A better billing engine that enables your firm to process invoices and get paid faster.

Total automation and customized invoices

Customizable payments and more payment options

Electronic invoices automatically generated

True integration with QuickBooks Online

Legal Accounting Features

Explore all the other features the LeanLaw financial operating system offers to streamline your legal operations and reduce the workload on your team of legal professionals:

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