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  • Lynda Artesani Avatar
    Lynda Artesani

    With LeanLaw Accounting Pros, I connect monthly and stay on top of the software and the new features. The LeanLaw team is so responsive and partners with me to... read more

  • Brandy Derrick Avatar
    Brandy Derrick

    LeanLaw has sent so many clients my way! The clients come already knowing that they need bookkeeping and are ready to get started. LeanLaw partnered with me to onboard a... read more

  • Sarah Prevost Avatar
    Sarah Prevost

    My relationship with LeanLaw has profoundly enriched my interaction with my law clients, making me more competitive and credible.
    Together with LeanLaw, we've created a more efficient workflow, saving time and...
    read more

  • Laurette Clash Avatar
    Laurette Clash

    I share a mutual goal with LeanLaw: to reduce my clients’ overhead and make sense of their financials. No other vendor provides the level of access and technical support. It’s... read more

  • Kanika Redd Avatar

    I have a client who uses LeanLaw and loves the ease with which time keeping gets pushed to billing/creating invoices that then gets pushed to QuickBooks Online. It saves time... read more

  • Karyn Y. Andersen Avatar
    Karyn Y. Andersen

    As an outsourced accounting professional working with law firms, LeanLaw enables me to embed myself into the invoicing and reporting workflows for the firm. This facilitates my ability to run... read more

  • Kenny Lee Avatar

    Improving reporting for my law firm was the impetus to switch to LeanLaw + QuickBooks. With LeanLaw, I get just the features I need, time tracking, invoicing and reporting (who... read more

  • Jenna Shelton Avatar
    Jenna Shelton

    LeanLaw referred Brandy Derrick, a LeanLaw Accounting Pro and QuickBooks ProAdvisor, to provide assistance in migrating from Time Slips and PC Desktop to LeanLaw. Brandy taught me how to generate... read more

  • Sarah Prevost Avatar
    Sarah Prevost

    LeanLaw, with the newly designed QuickBooks Online Advanced platform, creates a healthier way of doing business. Together, they offer significant advantages: better systems, integrations, transparency, real time data, custom user... read more

  • Lynda Artesani Avatar
    Lynda Artesani

    With QuickBooks online and the right apps, you can save minimally 8 hours per week by automating the processes. Combine that with an app like LeanLaw and you have a... read more

  • Kara G. Avatar
    Kara G.
    Gilligan, Gooding, Batsel, Anderson & Phelan, P.A.

    I am the LeanLaw guru of the office and I have to say that LeanLaw’s customer service is by far one of the best I have ever had the “pleasure”... read more

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LeanLaw is exactly what our firm needed Our 18 lawyer firm just switched to LeanLaw, and we are so impressed! We should have switched a lot sooner! The platform is so intuitive, the support could not be better, and the pricing is affordable. Excellent product that would be a great fit for any small or medium sized law firm.

Melissa208 Avatar

Best Trust Accounting Out There! LeanLaw's seamless integration with QBO, including to-the-penny trust accounting, makes time tracking, invoicing, and payments a breeze. All attorneys need this software!

Lana Hill Avatar
Lana Hill

Huge Time Saver As a QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAdvisor, I look for apps that will integrate nicely and save us time. LeanLaw has taken the complex manual process of trust accounting & invoicing and made it simple and automated. So much so, it allows out clients to just work in LeanLaw and have everything they need at their fingertips which in turn helps protect the integrity of the accounting system. this CPA is a huge fan!

2LabsFinancial Avatar

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  • Great customer support. Overall, very happy. Good customer support.
    Pros: The software provides good reporting and is easy to use. The best feature is the customer support. We have seen the team working to address any unique issues my firm may present. They listen and respond.
    Cons: Not always as intuitive as I might want and it may take a few tries to get the report I want.

    SHARON S. Avatar

    Simple, easy to use, outstanding value Excellent. Highly recommend for small to mid-sized law firms.
    Pros: This software only does what it needs to do: time and billing. And it does a fantastic job at it. The interface is simple and easy to learn for users. It is also very fast and responsive. Yet it also support numerous features, such as LEDES, contingencies, and flat fee work. Great integration with QuickBooks Online. Online availability makes it cross-platform and available anywhere. Trust accounting is a snap. Customer support is excellent. And the price is a fraction of other online providers!
    Cons: We encountered a couple small issues but the LeanLaw team addressed them very quickly.

    Paul S. Avatar
    Paul S.

    Expenses expenses Overall it is helping with tracking expenses to pass along to clients
    Pros: Expense option having variations that I choose to input. We do not utilize the time and/or calendar feature.
    Cons: The communicating / integrating with QuickBooks has not always run smoothly but understand that initially it takes time to work out the kinks.

    MARIA M. Avatar
    MARIA M.
  • LeanLaw Creating legal invoices with no manual workarounds.
    Pros: The software is a great addition to the Quick Books system. This is a software for legal timekeeping that makes an attorney's life much easier! By linking to QuickBooks, this software brings every file and legal accounting information in sync.
    Cons: Since I only tried the software for a short time, I did not find any con to list or discuss. LeanLaw is a good software.

    Graziana Z. Avatar
    Graziana Z.

    Essential for seamless time-tracking and billing Invoicing is no longer a day long process
    LeanLaw integrates with QuickBooks Online so efficiently I can't believe we were invoicing without it.

    Jenny W. Avatar
    Jenny W.

    Every Law Firm NEEDS LeanLaw! What I like most about LeanLaw is how efficient it is! It allows me to keep my timekeeping in billing all in one easily accessible place! It is also very easy to understand and use... There is not a single thing I dislike about LeanLaw. I believe it should be used by every law firm.

    Jasmine G. Avatar
    Jasmine G.

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5 Stars average review on Google

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  • The customer support is great. When I ask a question, they may provide a number of recommendations to accomplish what I am looking for. They are responsive and professional

    Sharon Seal Avatar
    Sharon Seal

    I searched (years) for a legal billing solution for my 6 attorney law firm. I tried mycase, clio, time matters - all without success. This program is simple yet robust, comprehensive and intuitive. The customer support team actually answers your calls and provides true support. They even considered a program tweak based on our suggestion - and it worked out well! An American company run by real people who care about your successful use of their product.

    Mark Woodsmall Avatar
    Mark Woodsmall

    LeanLaw is my favorite local business, love there services and love their people!

    Isaac Fishman Avatar
    Isaac Fishman
  • Thank you LeanLaw for being so easy to use and assisting me!

    Marcos Chavez-Miranda Avatar
    Marcos Chavez-Miranda

    Love LeanLaw's constant devotion to its customers, love everything about this company!

    Lil Meat cleaver Avatar
    Lil Meat cleaver

    You can't go wrong with Lean Law. There is a reason you never see anything but 5 stars on any review. They will respond to questions immediately, are open to development suggestions and promptly act on them, and they go the extra mile to make sure their customers are happy. They really do want to have the best product available and aim to please. That includes support staff members and attorneys alike.

    Nikki Johnson Avatar
    Nikki Johnson