Streamlined matter management software

Collaborate and manage matters all on one platform.
When you’re working with multiple clients and matters, your legal team needs instant clarity and views at your fingertips. LeanLaw’s software solutions let you access the information on any matter — anywhere, anytime.

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Automate your matter management

Automate your firm’s matter management with the leading legal technology and seamless workflows.

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Keep matters up-to-date

Use LeanLaws automated workflow to update information for your team and put more time toward billable hours.

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Keep clients in the loop

LeanLaw’s legal matter management solution can let clients know where things stand with easy invoices, trust transactional statements, trust reporting, WIP reports, and expense reporting.

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Automate matters

Schedule your matter management flow, like recurring fixed fees over time, maximum hour limits, and automatically allocate compensation tracking.

Lawyers love LeanLaw’s Matter Management Software

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– Deborah W.
Managing Partner, Capterra

“I don’t know how my business functioned before LeanLaw.” Overall: The customer service and support is amazing. Pros: The timekeeping features give attorneys everything they need to manage tracking billable hours. That it is integrated with QuickBooks is an amazing feature.

Crystal clear matter dashboards and views

Answer client questions at speed with intuitive and accessible financial client dashboards.

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Manage matter information from anywhere

Address client questions readily with LeanLaw’s matter management dashboard. View complete ledgers, reference reports and create matter budgets to discuss with clients in real-time across the full matter lifecycle.

LeanLaw Matter information management platform
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Adjust billing and rates by matter in seconds

Add flexibility to your workflows with the ability to quickly adjust your rates on a per-matter basis, or easily switch from a fixed fee to an hourly billing structure. Sculpt LeanLaw to match the way you work.

The LeanLaw difference

A better billing engine that enables your firm office to capture billable time, process invoices and get paid faster.

Access all matters securely from anywhere in the world

Improve client and firm relations

Quick access to status and matter updates

True integration with QuickBooks Online

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– Nick V

My Firm moved from a one size fits all solution about 6 months ago to using the Microsoft suite tools and LeanLaw integrated with Gravity Legal and Quick Books. This has been the best move we could have made. The integration between these three has been nothing but wonderful.

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Kenny Lee
Lee Kiefer & Park

Improving reporting for my law firm was the impetus to switch to LeanLaw + QuickBooks. With LeanLaw, I get just the features I need, time tracking, invoicing and reporting (who is adding time, how many hours, who is collecting and what cases collected), without unnecessary add-ons. In QuickBooks, all the necessary accounting reports are pre-programmed and easy to access: P&L, balance sheet, AR. Tracking trust accounts with LeanLaw has made life much simpler. As the managing partner of my law firm, the combination of LeanLaw + QuickBooks has been a welcome shift.

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– Kara G.
Gilligan, Gooding, Batsel, Anderson & Phelan, P.A.

I am the LeanLaw guru of the office and I have to say that LeanLaw’s customer service is by far one of the best I have ever had the “pleasure” of working with — and I don’t use the word pleasure with customer service very often. The response time on daily issues is extraordinary. Thank you for being a great company and caring about your customers.

Legal Accounting Features

Explore all the other features the LeanLaw financial operating system offers to streamline your legal operations and reduce the workload on your team of legal professionals:

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