How onboarding works at LeanLaw

LeanLaw will guide you through the process, no matter which software you’re switching from. We’ve been there.

Better Onboarding With LeanLaw

Simplify the onboarding process

The honest truth: it takes time and focus. 

Also the truth: it’s more straightforward than you think.

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LeanLaw offers a guided, proven process. We’ll get you to solid ground with a tailor-made plan specific to your law firm.

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Coaching your staff on how to use LeanLaw. Data migration. QuickBooks Integration.

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LeanLaw Adoption

We’re not going anywhere. You can still ask questions. We’re always adding new features to improve the software.

- Tomas Campbell, Firm Administrator, Faehner Law

Utilizing QuickStart was a no-brainer for our firm. Tracey knew LeanLaw inside and out so she translated our time and billing processes to work with LeanLaw—she even suggested tweaks. Go live went off without a hitch, but more importantly to me, there weren’t any surprises running our first billing.

- Susan Dougherty, General Manager, Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer

Our experience with LeanLaw was good: They were patient and available.  LeanLaw immediately made invoicing at our law practice much better.

- Alessandra Rushing, Forward Law Firm, Office Manager

The QuickStart Coaching Session accelerated our law firm’s onboarding and gave me a deeper understanding of how LeanLaw works directly with QuickBooks Online. I was able to reach out several times thereafter for more information on a variety of issues: The more training firms/individuals can take, the better.

- Lynda Artesani, LeanLaw Accounting Pro, Artesani Accounting

With QuickBooks Online and the right apps, you can save minimally 8 hours per week by automating the processes. Combine that with an app like LeanLaw and you have a winning combination!

- Todd Schroder Campbell-Hill Aviation Group, LLC

Leanlaw has been instrumental in the smooth transition to our remote capabilities. Our associates were quick to adopt LeanLaw’s simple to use time tracking and billing environment. Our client managers especially appreciate the ease of invoicing and Quickbooks integration.

How we make transitioning easy:

Simple data transfer

LeanLaw can help you migrate data as part of our onboarding services, ensuring key information moves seamlessly from your prior software to your new LeanLaw account. We can help with:

  • Client / matter import
  • WIP data import
  • LeanLaw app setup
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Premium onboarding & coaching

LeanLaw is most impactful when everyone in your firm is an expert user able to leverage our automation. We want you to hit the ground running. Our QuickStart onboarding is ideal for smaller firms ready to plug in and start modernizing their financials and workflows right away.

  • Account management
  • Option to add data migration
  • App setup and coaching session
  • Invoicing session
  • Access to online user training

LeanLaw accounting Pros

Extra Help with a LeanLaw Accounting Pro

Whether you’re looking for a new accounting pro or just need an expert on a project basis to ease you into LeanLaw. 

LeanLaw Accounting Pros are QuickBooks Pro Advisors, Certified in LeanLaw, and are law firm accounting experts.

  • Facilitate migration from other invoicing tools: Clio, PC Law, Juris, TimeSlips and more — just ask.
  • Facilitate migration from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.
  • Establish best practices for your accounting and invoicing workflow.
  • Project-based training for your back office and law staff.
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Don’t let fear prevent you
from ditching inefficient software.

Think of LeanLaw as a financial operating platform: 

  • Monitor productivity
  • Get insights into law firm operations, productivity and attorney compensation
  • When the entire firm is integrated into easy-to-use software, automation and efficiency increases.

LeanLaw has several ways to get you there.

Ready to get started with LeanLaw?