Why LeanLaw

Built on QuickBooks. Built for law firms.

LeanLaw is the financial operating system built for law firms that administrators and attorneys use to ensure everything billable is being captured, money flows through the firm properly and reports are always run-ready. With LeanLaw, information is always accessible and transparent, so firms can operate in a seamless way from anywhere and maximize firm profitability using any practice model.

Get rid of the bottlenecks. Get back a day each month.

Running your law firm doesn’t have to be so complicated. By uniting attorney time tracking, billing and accounting, the manual, duplicative work can stop. With LeanLaw, you can track time on your own terms, regardless of the device, and run reports automatically whenever you need to.

Made for mid-market law firms

Built for QuickBooks Online

Streamlines legal billing

Frictionless time tracking

Detailed custom reporting

Made for mid-market law firms
LeanLaw Lawyers consulting in meeting room
Built for QuickBooks Online
Streamlines legal billing
Frictionless time tracking
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Detailed custom reporting
LeanLaw Report summary information insige white rectangle

One tool.
Countless benefits.

Run the firm and keep things moving forward from anywhere, in every moment.

Firm level

Automate workflows to gain efficiency and eliminate double work

Fuse accounting, billing and bookkeeping to reduce duplicative tasks and data entry

Gain total visibility, transparency and accuracy across the firm

Boost billable hours by reducing repetitive administrative tasks

Works with any firm model or area of law

Get firm-wide and attorney-level reporting and data insights

Client level

One click-visibility into the real-time financial status of a matter

Seamless customer experience and high-value invoicing

Powerful reporting on client level and matter-level data insights

Brings value that cascades beyond accounting and bookkeeping

Scalable and flexible enough to grow and change with your firm

The best IOLTA accounting

LEDES billing made easy

Employee level

Simple and familiar user interface

2-way, real-time sync with QuickBooks Online

Reduce assistant-level staff overhead

Realize untapped value from unbilled hours

Eliminate billing bottlenecks

Create consistent, sustainable timekeeping habits across the firm

Automates and streamlines manual and/or complex workflows

Get paid faster and make life better for everyone at the firm.

Unite accounting & bookkeeping

LeanLaw Record Your Payment image.
LeanLaw Legal Billing Draft Invoices.

Streamline hourly, fixed fee and LEDES billing

Easily track time & expenses

LeanLaw Expenses information list
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Improve client experience

Integrate matter management

LeanLaw Matter information
LeanLaw Financial report summary

Report on firm and matters

Automate compensation tracking

Compensation tracking revenue by client and matter.
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Firm, client and matter insights at your fingertips

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