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Imagine if your clients didn’t call you when invoices went out to ask questions.

Lean Align is the best way for attorneys at small and mid-size law firms to establish financial alignment  with expectations, payment methods, and trust retainer amounts. AND stay financially aligned with their clients through every invoice cycle, including clarity on what invoices contain, when invoice emails have been received/clicked/paid, and more.

Lean Align

Lean Align Allows Law Firms To:

  • Send clients invoice emails, trust request emails, reminder emails, receipt emails, and more.
  • Add attachments and expense receipts to those emails
  • Track invoices from the moment they’re sent to a customer through when each payment is made.
  • Accept invoice payments to your operating account
  • Send trust request links that are deposited directly to your trust account.

Stop clients from contacting you about their bill.

The Intelligent Invoice gives clients an automated summary of the work, how much trust balance they have remaining, and a unique link for payment.