Access your own data in real-time with Dynamic Dashboards

No more monthly reports because your dashboards give you real-time data!

  • Eliminate stale data
  • Reduce manual error with automated dashboards
  • Streamline reporting across the firm with easy access
  • Receive actionable insights into the health of your law firm
LeanLaw Advanced Reporting

Experience An Interactive Outstanding Invoices Report from LeanLaw Insights below

Oustanding Invoices Demo Tour

“I am using the My Time Analysis report multiple times per day and it is fantastic.” – Paul Slough, Kirkpatrick, Slough, Duitsman-Coy & Mott, PLC

Law Firm Reporting & Insights with Lean Insights

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Advanced Reporting

Real-time reports give you actionable data to help your firm’s growth and profitability.

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My Time Analysis

Streamline your productivity with a clear, quick snapshot of your time usage and potential earnings. If you don’t log time contemporaneously you lose 10-20%.

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Matter Details

Get a precise snapshot of matter-specific insights for court filings and other reporting considerations.

Matter Details
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Firm Time Analysis

Understand the productivity across your firm and easily see which users are tracking their time effectively. Identify users who are not entering time and follow up with them.

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Outstanding Invoices

Understand the productivity across your firm and easily see which users are tracking their time effectively. Identify users who are not entering time and follow up with them.

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Firm Payment Trends

Uncover patterns in payment frequency and total amounts over time. Make informed decisions, track your firm’s financial health, and plan for the future with confidence. 

This indispensable tool is exclusively available to users with Principal & Operator roles.

law firm payment trends report
monthly law firm billing report
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Monthly Billing Report

Access comprehensive data on time entries, expenses, and fixed fees for your selected period. Filter by invoice date, client, matter, or invoice number. All tracked items are included, regardless of the invoice stage. Your financial landscape, simplified and transparent.

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Firm Invoice Details

A detailed view of invoice statuses, including outstanding balances, partial and completed payments. Empower your financial decision-making with comprehensive invoice data at your fingertips.

firm invoice details

Law Firm Reporting & Insights with Lean Insights

Hear about how LeanLaw’s custom reporting empowers your team to better understand your data by creating reports specific to your firm’s needs.

Lean Insights frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact us along your LeanLaw journey. But here are some FAQ to get you started.

What is the new Advanced Reports feature - Lean Insights?

The new Advanced Reports feature is an enhancement to our current reporting capabilities. It offers dynamic dashboards, detailed reports tailored for specific personas, and improved navigation to view these reports. This feature is available to LeanLaw Pro subscribers.

What are Dynamic Dashboards?

Dynamic Dashboards are interactive gathering of data within the Advanced Reports section that enable users to view, analyze, and manipulate data in real-time. They offer a clear, concise, and comprehensive snapshot of your legal billing activities, providing insights at a glance.

How do the Detailed Reports for particular personas work?

With the Advanced Reports feature, persona-specific reports are based on a user’s role. The reports are tailored to display the user’s most relevant data and insights depending on the role or needs. The decision-making process becomes more efficient and informed.

How has navigation improved in the new Advanced Reports section?

Our improved navigation system in Advanced Reports allows for intuitive access to your dashboards and persona-specific reports in an easy-to-view left navigation that is collapsible. The new design ensures all reports are readily accessible, maximizing productivity.

Who can access the Advanced Reports feature?

The Advanced Reports feature is exclusive to LeanLaw Pro subscribers. If you’re not yet a Pro user and want to leverage these advanced reporting capabilities, consider upgrading your subscription.

How do I upgrade to LeanLaw Pro?

To upgrade to LeanLaw Pro, navigate to your firm settings ( and select the LeanLaw Pro subscription. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction and unlock all Pro tier benefits, including the Advanced Reports feature.

Where can I find more information on how to use the Advanced Reports feature?

We provide in-depth tutorials and guides on how to use the Advanced Reports feature within our Help Center. For further assistance, please feel free to contact our support team.

Can I customize the Dynamic Dashboards?

The dynamic dashboards create reports in real time. Drill into specific details of your data. If you are interested in learning more about building your own custom reports, check out LeanLaw’s report builder here (link to the FAQs for My Custom Reports).