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LeanLaw Core

FOR 1-4

Per user, per month, billed annually.

Features include:

  • Timekeeping
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • Trust Accounting
  • Integrations with QuickBooks Online

LeanLaw Pro


Per user, per month, billed annually.

Core, plus:

  • Advanced roles
  • Custom reporting
  • Compensation tracking
  • LEDES Billing
  • Custom fields & matter based accounting

Features that work for your firm

Time Entry

Time Tracking By Matter

Clean, easy interface in browser, on desktop and in mobile app.


Timers available on bulk entry page, calendar-view and desktop tracker.

Calendar-view Timekeeping

Calendar view timekeeping allows you to visualize your day and gaps in time entries.


Hourly, Flat Fee & Hybrid Billing

LeanLaw accommodates all major fee types and combinations.

LEDES Billing

Tag time entries, expenses, and fees with LEDES codes when you make them and generate LEDES files for electronic submission.


Expense Tracking

Track hard and soft costs from inside LeanLaw, without having to double enter.

Two-Way Expense Sync with QuickBooks

Track expenses in LeanLaw or in QuickBooks; they’ll both appear on the invoice.


Integrated Invoicing

Create invoices in the same place you track time; no need to jump to different apps or tabs.

Single Custom Field for Invoices

Adds flexibility and customization to QuickBooks invoice formats.

Limited Bulk Invoice Processing

Unlimited Bulk Invoice Processing

Includes both invoices sent to clients and paid from trust.


Assisted Data Migrations

Assistance with simple data transition included with subscription. Many small firms will qualify.

Quick Coaching

Hour-long session to jumpstart your transition included with subscription.

Tailored Live Training

Additional custom training sessions included for LeanLaw Pro customers.

Advanced Data Migration and Onboarding (one time fees apply)

Call us for details. Subject to additional one-time data migration or onboarding fees.

QuickBooks Online Integration

Full Featured Accounting with QuickBooks Online

Do your accounting in QuickBooks Online, the leading cloud-based accounting system.

Real-time Two-way QuickBooks Online Integration

Many integration points, simplifying the connection between your billing software and accounting software.

Electronic Payments Through QuickBooks Payments

Electronic billing and invoice payments in a seamless workflow.

Client Based Accounting

Track your invoices, trust, accounts receivable and payments for each client.

Matter Based Accounting

Separate trust, invoices, and accounts receivable tracking for matters under the same client.

Trust Accounting

Trust Accounting Integrated with QuickBooks

Automates trust accounting with QuickBooks including creation of trust accounts, assignment of product/service, transfer of funds between trust and operating accounts and more.

Multiple Trust Accounts

Keep track of all your trust accounts in one place, without spreadsheets.

Bulk Processing of Trust Payments

Handle multiple trust payments with ease.


Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad & Android Devices

At home, or on the go, take LeanLaw with you on your mobile device.

Credential with Microsoft, Google or QuickBooks Online

Access your LeanLaw account using your Office365, GSuite, or Intuit account.

LeanLaw Accounting Pro Network

Get matched with an accountant who knows LeanLaw and QuickBooks Online.

Simple, Real-Time Reports

Easy access to your firm’s work in progress, receivables, revenue, and productivity.

Contingency Reporting

Reports include expense tracking, hours and non-advanced costs for settlement statements.

User Permissions

Different access permissions for principals, attorneys, operators and timekeepers.

North American Support

Our team is available from 8 am – 6 pm Mountain Time.

Multiple Custom Fields

Modify your invoices with multiple custom fields using your LeanLaw matter data.

Advanced Reporting

Reports on client origination, revenue by attorney and many variations.

Priority Technical Support

Front of the queue support.

LeanLaw frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact us along your LeanLaw journey. But here are some FAQ to get you started.

How does LeanLaw assist with onboarding?

We do offer two routes for onboarding, complimentary and paid. The key difference is how involved LeanLaw gets with setup, data migration, and QuickBooks Online integration.

Does LeanLaw support “no charge” time entries?

When a client/matter is established, there is an option to set the matter to Hourly or Fixed Fee. If a matter is deemed hourly, every time entry has the option to be set as non-billable or no charge. This function has two purposes. First, it allows you to track how much non-billable time is allocated to a specific client and/or matter. Second, you can show that time as non-billable to the client on the invoice.

What is the difference between LeanLaw Core and LeanLaw Pro?

Both LeanLaw Core and LeanLaw Pro have LeanLaw’s deep QuickBooks Online integration.

LeanLaw Core is for solo and small law firms that need the basics for their invoicing needs. Time and expense tracking, trust accounting, and basic reports.

LeanLaw Pro is positioned for those firms that require sophisticated reporting, need more control over their users, more sophisticated accounting, and bulk actions for invoicing.

Can I start on LeanLaw Core and upgrade to LeanLaw Pro?

Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. To manage your subscription, head to the Settings tab and use the Subscription tab to make your changes. When a change is made, the platform will automatically handle the pro-rating of the charges.

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