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law firm billing software

Most law firms don’t need bloated practice management tools. They need highly efficient, legal billing workflows deeply connected to the #1 accounting tool: QuickBooks Online.

That’s what makes LeanLaw unique. We’ve reimagined the legal billing workflow & built it the way it should be.

law firm billing software
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Money isn't everything

Money isn’t everything.

Our battle cry, “Lawyers are Heroes!” means that lawyers can spend more time on meaningful work and less time and cost on administration, resulting in justice for all. The client wins. The lawyer wins. Society wins.

“As a sole practitioner, I did not think I needed a $35/month billing program. I’ve been using LeanLaw for about 8 months and love it. I can’t imagine billing without it. Thanks for the great product and your team’s fast and accurate help with questions.”

Tammy B.
Solo Attorney

“I just demoed Lean Law (new to QuickBooks App Store) for law firm time tracking and IOLTA trust accounting, it is AWESOME. One of the best QuickBooks Online integrations I have ever seen, and the best trust accounting integration I have ever seen for QuickBooks.”

Kaydee Peterson
Business Development
Accountant Segment Intuit

“I am slowly learning my way around technology, but I am not a natural. I was so intimidated by software that I delayed trying LeanLaw for a week and a half. Then I made the jump. LeanLaw is incredibly intuitive: I was flying solo right off the bat. If I had problems I knew the LeanLaw people would have been there to help. One on one! They are a joy to deal with. Five stars!”

Mark Ansara, LL.B
Barrister and Solicitor

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