Case Study: 3x Faster Payments thanks to built-in, online, matter-focused payment system with LeanLaw and Confido Legal


3x Faster Payments thanks to built-in, online, matter-focused payment system with LeanLaw and Confido Legal

The Challenge

Amanda, the billing coordinator at Zahn Law Group, had problems tracking payments to specific matters. The payment might come in “under a company name, a client name, the spouse’s name…” It took some detective work to make the connection to the matter so that the attorneys could be paid.

On top of the confusion, payments were slow at the Zahn Law Group. They were still sending paper invoices and receiving checks. Cash flow, profitability, and attorney compensation were all incumbent on their outdated, inefficient software workflow for billing and collections. They needed a change.

The Solution

Zahn Law Group dumped their Harvest software and signed up with LeanLaw, QuickBooks Online, and Confido Legal. Automated invoices based on real-time data were sent out in days rather than months – 5x faster! Thanks to Confido’s seamless integration with LeanLaw, the online payments were paid three times faster and went directly to the bank. No more checks! Thanks to the matter-based automation, all payments went directly to the proper client/matter.

“We receive payments so quickly, thanks to Confido Legal. The funds go right into our account and it updates automatically on LeanLaw, which is beautiful.””


Benefits of LeanLaw

  • Seamless integration with Confido Legal speeds up payments
  • Matter-based payments ensure accuracy and trust
  • Automation saves law firm 30+ hours each month

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Categories to think about:


Accounts Payable

Client / Matter

General Ledger


Band Reconciliation


Conflict Checks



Trust and Retainer

Law Firm Accounting Professionals Weigh In

Caren Schwartz
35-45 Consulting-Global

Changing software is not something your law firm does lightly, nor do you want to do it often. It’s important to do your homework and understand your firm’s needs, analyze your choices, and put together a plan, including project management. That’s the best way to get to a new solution that helps your firm move forward.

Lynda Artesani & Sarah Prevost
The Proper Trust

In our experience after numerous law firm software migrations, the key to success in purchasing new financial software is to understand what critical features are MOST important to your business. Understand how it fits with your current (and future) staff and how your current best practices will work within these new tools. Picking a tool and a partner to help you migrate is essential to the success of this journey.