Is Your Law Firm Ready for Best-in-Class Financial Performance? Get Started With Your Free Financial Report Card
Are your firm’s finances best-in-class, in the pack or in the back? Our free Excel-based Law Firm Financial Report Card helps you evaluate key financial metrics, providing a detailed grade for each. This powerful tool reveals where your firm excels and where you can get better.
What You’ll Learn
The Law Firm Financial Report Card examines six key financial metrics to give you a comprehensive understanding of your firm’s performance.
These include:
How to Use the Report Card
Add key financial information like the number of attorneys, billable rates, hours worked, and more.
Download the Excel Spreadsheet
Fill out the form to receive your free copy.
Input Simple Data
Add a few key financial metrics like the number of attorneys, hours worked, hours billed, and collections.
See Your Report Card Instantly
The spreadsheet automatically calculates a grade for each metric based on industry benchmarks.
Identify Areas for Improvement
Use the strategies checklist tab to identify tangible strategies to boost your firm’s financial health.
Who Should Use the Report Card?
The Law Firm Financial Report Card is ideal for:
Law Firm Owners and Partners
Gain insights into your firm’s financial standing and learn actionable strategies.
Law Firm Administrators
Develop a game plan to improve efficiency.
Solo Practitioners
Understand your practice’s financial health and find areas for growth.
Why Download This Report Card?
This free tool provides you with
Detailed Financial Insights
Understand how your firm is doing on key metrics: capacity, utilization, realization, collections, overhead, and profitability.
Easy-to-Use Format
The Excel-based spreadsheet is simple to use and provides quick results.
Actionable Recommendations
Use the grades to guide your firm’s strategic decisions.
Ready to Get Started?
Download your free Law Firm Financial Report Card today and take the first step toward optimizing your firm’s financial performance.
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