Case Study: Burkhalter Law Accelerates Cash Flow by 300%

Case Study: Burkhalter Law Accelerates Cash Flow by 300%

The Challenge

Alicia Wood, the original controller and office administrator for Burkhalter Law, (Atlanta, Georgia) was looking for a modern billing solution that would allow the law firm to automate the workflow not only to save money but also to increase cash flow.

The founding attorneys had been using Tabs3, a legacy software that no one liked. The attorneys knew there had to be a better, cloud-based solution to timekeeping and invoicing that automated the workflow and gave them insightful data that they could use to improve their operations.


“The hours we save across the board are significant because previously we’d have connectivity issues or several people out of the office. They wouldn’t be able to enter their time.”

“We would spend time following up with everyone, making sure their time was entered, printing out all the invoices, allocating those to each attorney, getting them back.

Then we would also have to enter that into QuickBooks online, and then we would also have to send out customized emails to the client or writing their invoices.”

The Solution

  • 300% Increase in Cash Flow
  • 20 Hours Less Work Each Month in Financial Workflow
  • Saved 15K/year with LeanLaw’s automated workflows
  • Connection to LeanLaw Developers for custom features

LeanLaw gave Burkhalter Law attorneys and staff the ease of creating time entries, reviewing and editing prebills, and approving final invoices from anywhere in the world, at any time, on any device. Thanks to the efficiency, the firm eliminated a part-time staff position that assisted billing.

The lawyers created the habit for time entry/billing approval across the firm. They can easily track WIP invoices and reduce workflow redundancies. The firm is able to provide invoices to the clients in a prompt manner, resulting in increased cash flow for the firm.

“We’ve used LeanLaw for a year and a half and we’re able to invoice our clients within two to three days, versus 10 or 12, quickly and electronically, and they pay us faster, which increases our cash flow.

Rather than shuffling hundreds of sheets of paper, LeanLaw has allowed me to redirect my attention to working on the business.

There was a lot of duplication happening, previously with our billing and I feel like that has been entirely eliminated.”


Benefits of LeanLaw

  • Deep Integration with QBO Means there is only One Set of Data
  • LeanLaw Customizes Workflows for the Law Firm
  • Each Lawyer has access to a distribution report in just a few clicks

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Due Diligence: Must Haves vs. Nice To Haves

Categories to think about:


Accounts Payable

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Law Firm Accounting Professionals Weigh In

Caren Schwartz
35-45 Consulting-Global

Changing software is not something your law firm does lightly, nor do you want to do it often. It’s important to do your homework and understand your firm’s needs, analyze your choices, and put together a plan, including project management. That’s the best way to get to a new solution that helps your firm move forward.

Lynda Artesani & Sarah Prevost
The Proper Trust

In our experience after numerous law firm software migrations, the key to success in purchasing new financial software is to understand what critical features are MOST important to your business. Understand how it fits with your current (and future) staff and how your current best practices will work within these new tools. Picking a tool and a partner to help you migrate is essential to the success of this journey.