Case Study: LeanLaw’s attorney compensation report shaved 15 hours each month off of law firm workflow

The Challenge

Shauna Martin, a founding attorney at Grable Martin Fulton PLLC, was looking for a technical partner who could customize automated software for their particular method of payment distribution as well as fixed fees.

Their old model took hours of manual time each month to organize, double check, and make sure that they were using real-time data. The law firm needed insight into data and real-time transparency to better understand the operations of their law firm.


Before LeanLaw, they had a distribution report which had turned into “this behemoth spreadsheet that had migrated through the years and was so broken and scary.”

It took hours of time each month to organize, double check, and make sure that they were using real-time data. 

The Solution

  • 15-Hour Decrease Each month in financial workflow
  • Automation of Fixed Fee allocation from one hour to a few clicks
  • Connection to LeanLaw Developers for Custom Features

LeanLaw created an automated, custom distribution report, saving hours of time each month. Since LeanLaw uses QuickBooks as the source of truth, the law firm no longer has to double check the data. There are never two sets of books. Today, a lawyer at the practice can open LeanLaw and see what the payment will be in the next week or distributed monthly on collections.

Next, LeanLaw developers created an automation for Grable Martin that took a 20-step process of fixed fee allocation and turned it into a few clicks. Shauna believes that Grable Martin has done LeanLaw a great service by continuing to be their software development partner. LeanLaw concurs.

“LeanLaw customized our distribution report, which had turned into this behemoth spreadsheet through the years, and was so broken and scary. We save a ton of time: now, we can see in real time upcoming payments based on collections.

It does save a ton of time and it’s reliable. Now a lawyer can look and see how much pay is coming up in the next week, distribute once a month on collections. A lawyer can look and say, oh, look, I’ve got $20,000 already in there for next month distribution.”


Benefits of LeanLaw

  • Deep Integration with QBO Means there is only One Set of Data
  • LeanLaw Customizes Workflows for the Law Firm
  • Each Lawyer has access to a distribution report in just a few clicks

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Law Firm Accounting Professionals Weigh In

Caren Schwartz
35-45 Consulting-Global

Changing software is not something your law firm does lightly, nor do you want to do it often. It’s important to do your homework and understand your firm’s needs, analyze your choices, and put together a plan, including project management. That’s the best way to get to a new solution that helps your firm move forward.

Lynda Artesani & Sarah Prevost
The Proper Trust

In our experience after numerous law firm software migrations, the key to success in purchasing new financial software is to understand what critical features are MOST important to your business. Understand how it fits with your current (and future) staff and how your current best practices will work within these new tools. Picking a tool and a partner to help you migrate is essential to the success of this journey.