LeanLaw Presents 5-Part Webinar Series for Accounting Pros - with Loren Fogelman

LeanLaw 5-Part Accounting Pro Webinar With Loren Fogelman

Increase profitability by working with law firms

LeanLaw’s Chief Strategic Officer, Jonathon Fishman, joins Loren in addressing the needs of law firm accounting professionals. Learn how to create efficiencies and customizations for your law firm clients, expand your practice, and reposition your offering so that it works best not only for you, but for the law firm as well.

  1. February 11 Earn More with Your Cleanup Projects– The Secrets to Eliminate Cleanup Surprises (Video Recap)
  2. March 11 5 Steps to Fire Your Non-Ideal Client (Video Recap)
  3. May 13 Confidently Answer the “What’s Your Hourly Rate?” Question (Video Recap)
  4. July 8 Boost Your Revenues with Advisory Services (Video Recap)
  5. Sept 9 5 Steps to Package Your Services for the Legal Niche (Video Recap)
  6. Bonus Recap! Oct 28 Your Strategic Plan to Make 2022 Your Best Year Ever! (Video Recap)

LeanLaw and Loren Fogelman believe that future accounting pros will move beyond reconciliation to being a trusted advisor on the profitability of the law firm.

Loren Fogelman, founder of Business Success Solution, is an expert in pricing strategy and sales for small business owners. As one of the top-ranked business coaches in the United States, Loren is passionate about empowering accounting professionals to increase their revenues and their free time through strategic pricing and effective sales techniques.

Jonathon Fishman, Chief Service Officer at LeanLaw, the #1 Legal Software for QuickBooks Online, talks to lawyers and accounting pros who service law firms every day. Jonathon thinks long and hard about how best to service our law firm clients. Through Jonathon, LeanLaw provides those findings to our LeanLaw Accounting Pros so that they can help fine-tune the operations of the small law firm. The program was created out of our law firm clients’ need to connect with accounting experts. These lawyers understand that accountants and bookkeepers who are proficient with LeanLaw software can make dramatic changes in the efficiency and profitability of their law firms.

5 Steps to Increase
Your Accounting Business by 5X

Increase profitability by working with law firms

Part 1

Earn More with Your Cleanup Projects– The Secrets to Eliminate Cleanup Surprises

Let’s finally put an end to the cleanup nightmare. The unexpected surprises you uncover are costly. You either absorb the additional work or you pass the cost onto your client.

Cleanup projects which are more difficult than you estimated are part of the learning curve. They add frustration, require more time than planned and impact your bottom line. You wonder if there’s a better way.

The solution lies in a simple shift. It’s a matter of slowing down your on-boarding process. Your profitability significantly increases and you earn respect from your clients.

During this action-packed session you’ll learn how to:

  • Discover the 5 costly pricing mistakes for cleanup projects.
  • Turn cleanup jobs into your personal ATM machine.
  • Work only with ideal clients who value and respect your expertise.

Finally, eliminate the cleanup nightmares. You deserve to be well-paid for the work you do and the difference you make for your clients.

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Part 2: March 11@11am PT

5 Steps to Fire Your Non-Ideal Client

When you start your accounting practice, you eagerly work with a large variety of clients. As your business grows, you discover which clients get the best results from your accounting services. And, the headaches who aren’t a good fit for your business.

Eventually you reach a point where you cherry pick your clients. You decide who you want to work with and who you don’t want to work with.

Cleaning up your client list feels uncomfortable. As a result, you tolerate the headache clients for too long. You worry about letting down a client – especially if it’s a legacy client. Or, whether to hand them off to another accounting professional.

During this action-packed session you’ll learn:

  • 6 Clues of non-ideal clients.
  • The exact strategy to upgrade your clients without impacting cash flow.
  • How to gracefully free yourself of headache clients.

Although it seems counter-intuitive, your accounting practice blossoms once you stop working with non-ideal clients. Discover the exact steps to letting your non-ideal clients go with grace and ease.

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Part 3: May 13@11am PT

Stop Competing on Price: Confidently Answer the What’s Your Hourly Rate? Question

“What’s your hourly rate?” is the most common question asked. At this critical moment, how do you respond? Do you instantly cave in and disclose your number? Or, do you elegantly redirect the conversation?

Join the conversation to discover:

  • The downside to answering the rate question too soon.
  • The real question they meant to ask you.
  • 4 steps to confidently respond to “What’s your hourly rate?”

You’re thinking: “If they ask for my hourly rate, don’t I have to tell them?”

Actually, you don’t. Answering the hourly rate question too soon is unfair to you and your potential client.

Part 4: July 8@11am PT

Boost Your Revenues with Advisory Services

Imagine increasing your monthly client revenues by 50%. If that interests you, then consider adding advisory services to your list of client services. This strategic move diversifies your practice and positions you as a firm of the future.

Maybe you’ve considered advisory services, but you’re unsure how to shift from compliance services to trusted advisor. Then this is for you.

Even if you realize the value of advisory services, you’re busy with the day to day tasks. Lack of time prevents you from moving in this direction. We’ll share proven tips to lighten your workload.

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover in this training.

  • How to successfully pivot from transaction to interaction – especially if you lack confidence.
  • 5 steps to rise up as a trusted advisor.
  • The #1 strategy to kickstart your advisory services.

Don’t underestimate your expertise and value. Your clients appreciate your insights. But, they may not realize the full range of your expertise.

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Part 5: September 9@11am PT

5 Steps to Package Your Services for the Legal Niche

Increase Your Value: How to Create Irresistible Packages

Many accounting professionals want to free themselves from the dollar per hour trap. The shift from ala-carte services to packages is a a proven way to earn more while working less. Packages emphasize your value, not your time. .

Attorneys don’t want to invest in a lengthy laundry list of tasks. Packages, instead, offer an elegant, solution-focused system. That’s because each package has a fixed length, scope and price.

During this action-packed session you’ll learn:

  • Ease your transition to value-based pricing.
  • 5 steps to start developing your packages today.
  • Get paid for the high-value activities you currently giveaway.

Packages offer a win-win for you and your clients. You price packages according to value rather than time. This one move reduces the need to justify your rates. It offers the potential to scale and grow without additional hours spent working. That’s why accounting firms across the globe now offer packages.

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Part 6: October 28@11am

Your Strategic Plan to Make 2022 Your Best Year Ever!

Do what other accounting professionals only talk about.

You comfortably spend time working IN your business, doing the day to day operations. Working ON your business, to strategically grow your business, is an advanced move.

A strategic plan puts you squarely in charge of your destiny.

Instead of your business running you, you run your business.

With this framework, you move closer to achieving the more important rewards. Whether you want to travel more, pay off your debt or fund your retirement plan, we’ll discuss how to achieve the things which deeply matter to you.

During this action-packed session we’ll cover:

  • How to maintain momentum instead of lose interest.
  • Ditch goal setting and it’s limitations.
  • The secret to 3X your business – it’s simple and elegant.

Forget the traditional, boring business plan which you fill out and then shove into the back of your filing cabinet.

Your strategic plan offers clarity about what to do, what to let go of and how to grow your bank account. Consider this your Path to Profits Blueprint.

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