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Lawyer Style Guide: 5 Tips For Men

A man in a suit with his arms crossed.

Haberdasher Stephen Reeder sells fashion: “I sell a lot of grey and blue suits to attorneys.” And he’s got some advice, especially for those who would prefer a more casual look. He’s got lots of advice. Following are 5 style guide tips.

“If you’re going to be a professional, look like a professional.”

Reeder never understood why attorneys went casual. “Their suit was their coat of armor. They earned the right to wear a suit. They were the last ones to go to the casual party. When casual Friday went casual all the time, professionals lost their air of professionalism. You never knew what was going to come walking down the hall.”


1. What article of clothing should lawyers not skimp on?

I tell people to buy the most expensive suit you can afford. Don’t buy something on sale for $150. It’s going to fit you like a $150 suit. I’m not saying that you have to buy a three thousand dollar suit, but if you can afford a $500 suit or a thousand dollar suit, buy it.

And get it professionally tailored. If it’s not tailored properly, it looks like a cheap suit. Don’t ever scrimp on tailoring. You need a relationship with a tailor.

2. If you don’t wear suits a lot, can you get just one suit?

A lot of people start their wardrobes with what we call “cornerstone” suits. You’ll go out and you’ll buy a solid blue suit or a grey striped suit. When you don’t have a large wardrobe, you really want to start out basic.


3. What are basic necessities?

A black or navy or grey suit.

Nifty trick with a black suit: Multiple Outfits

  • You can wear it as a tuxedo if you accessorize it right with a bow tie and cumberbun.
  • You’ve got a formal business suit and then you have a
  • black blazer and
  • black business casual trousers which you can wear with a dress shirt and dress shoes.

4. If someone were to dress casually, what are the cornerstone pieces?

A dress shirt and a blazer or sport coat. Dress shoes that are polished. We’re all wearing fancy socks now. Young guys are wearing their pants short so they can show off their fancy socks.

5. If you can only afford one suit – how do you accessorize?


Different shirts and ties will change the look. [Reeder holds up a French blue suit.] A blue suit like this, you could wear this jacket with grey dress pants, different shirts and ties, maybe a striped tie because it’s a sport coat. And then when you wear it as a suit, a big paisley tie with this would look great. This would give you a couple different outfits. And then you could wear the coat with jeans.

I tell people that I deal with cloth and thread but I really deal with dreams and happiness and brighter futures if they allow me to work with them. When they get dressed in the morning with the outfits that we put together and they put them on and they feel good. That’s when I feel good. We dress for the fact that we feel good about ourselves.

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