Billing Increment Chart

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You’re not a mathematician. No worries! We’ve got a chart below that will give you the shorthand on how to divide your hour.

Chart for Billing in Tenths of an hour — divide hour into 6 minute increments


Lawyers and other service professionals who calculate hourly billing need to have a quick grasp of how to bill time. Dividing an hour into tenths is generally how attorneys bill their clients.

With LeanLaw, however, you don’t need to memorize the billing increment chart. Our timekeeping software lets you track time on your favorite device (without the math): Phone, Desktop, Laptop, iOS or Android. Studies show that if you don’t put your time in immediately, you lose time. According to studies compiled by Ann Guinn for her ABA blog, if you don’t get your time in by the end of the day, you’re likely to lose 10 percent of your billable hours. If you don’t get it in the next day, you’ll lose 25 percent. If you don’t get it in by the end of the week, you’ll lose a full 50 percent. We solve that by giving you multiple easy ways to track time. Enter time in seconds, and they all automatically sync.

We also have a calendar view where you can enter time which helps you see gaps in your billable hours. Enter in 6 minute or 15-minute increments. Drag and drop tasks give your timekeepers no more reasons to delay. This is habit Forming.

Service providers who are not even lawyers love our software because of its deep integration with QuickBooks Online, giving you a true sync rather than something you have to rectify later. We save you time, the most precious commodity.

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