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Below we’ve curated three posts from outside websites to help you think about how to optimize your law practice website, how to create a contingency plan should an unforeseen disaster strike your law firm and how other solo attorneys contend with the challenges of running a solo law practice.

The following articles are ones that we have found organically. They do not pay us to highlight them. We found them useful and we hope that you do as well.

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Best Law Firm Websites, 2018 Edition

Let’s face reality: most websites are awful. (Not just lawyers, everyone.) If you can improve your website – the first touch point for many of your prospective clients – you can turn that first look into a warm lead. This is the easy stuff. Read More

When Disaster Strikes: Business Continuity Plans Work

The most secure way to run your law firm is now in the cloud. Yes, it is more secure than your server. If your server went down and you lost data, how would your small law practice recover? Transferring your infrastructure to the cloud is the easier conversation. Read about how a law firm withstood Hurricane Irma thanks to cloud-based technology. Read more

My 4 Biggest Solo Law Firm Challenges in 2018

This short but sweet article gives you a manageable set of ideas to ponder when opening your own solo or small law firm. If there’s more you’re concerned about and want some professional advice, you can give us a call at LeanLaw. For now, let’s start with… delegation. How do you do that as a solo? Read more

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