Make Sure Adjusted Time is Not Lost -- New Feature Adjustments / Write Downs

LeanLaw Stopwatch over financial information

LeanLaw tracks the difference between hours tracked and hours billed.

LeanLaw has a handy Adjustments feature for when you want to adjust down a time entry on a specific invoice: the special sauce is that LeanLaw stores this data to calculate the difference between hours tracked and hours billed. Read more about LeanLaw Return on Investment (ROI).

You can start to look at patterns. Are certain timekeepers having to write down time? Is it usually for the same task? You can make more informed decisions for your law practice, matching tasks to the appropriate attorneys, and eliminate bottlenecks or under-utilizing.

Writing down the time entry (but still keeping track of the original time entered) is exportable and printable to Excel sheets to use for further analysis. You can capture what was written down, and present the client with the adjusted amount.

You can view this at the timekeeper level and the client level.

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