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6 Reasons Why So Many Lawyers Are Switching to LeanLaw

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“Jotting down handwritten notes is only so accurate, and for me there was always a little bit of self-doubt that led me to erring on the side of charging less time than I might have spent. With the LeanLaw time tracking software we can do it all electronically right as it happens, and then push the entries directly into QuickBooks to create invoices that are sent out to clients. It makes that whole administrative side of having a law practice easy.”

Natalie Kuehler Ryan & Kuehler PLLC Winthrop, WA

Saves Time & Money

  • Because you only enter time once with LeanLaw time tracking software, you save a serious amount of time since you’re no longer in your legacy, inefficient workflow. We will get you away from tracking time on your yellow pad and you’ll never looked back. What a relief, right!
  • You’re also saving time with legal billing software since the time you tracked gets clicked directly into an invoice. Hallelujah.
  • Most importantly, you can get your invoice to your client quickly because you’re doing it electronically. This means you not only save time, but you get paid faster.
  • Time is money. Spending hours trying to track your time and properly invoice for it, costs money. Your time is worth a lot.
  • Every day you delay tracking your time, you lose that time. By creating such simple, intuitive software, tracking time is no longer a hassle. You can find an additional 15% of your hours just by being timely with time tracking. What’s 15% of your annual income?
  • Let’s face it: LeanLaw is affordable. Our pricing makes using LeanLaw a no-brainer.
  • If by using LeanLaw software, you get your bills out more efficiently and get paid faster, well, we consider that saving money, too. Clients who receive a timely invoice are less likely to question it — which also takes up your time.

Deep Integration with QuickBooks Online With LeanLaw, there’s no more syncing. You are in sync. All the time. Your accountant will adore you because there is only one set of data. All of your accounting information is accurate, in real-time.

Trust Accounting We know lawyers who were on the verge of giving up the idea of working on retainer. Even their accountants loathed working with Trust accounting before LeanLaw software. LeanLaw turned a messy, 12-step Trust accounting into one click. Now, in real-time, you can understand the trust balance and so does your client. No surprises. No playing “catch up.”

Total Automation – No Manual Workarounds Since timekeeping is connected to invoicing which is connected to accounting, you enter time once, push it to the invoice and then, send the invoice out via LeanLaw’s integration with QuickBooks. It’s seamless! When you get this crucial workflow in order, you are on the road to a truly lean law firm.

Compensation Reports and Other Data – in One Click In LeanLaw, you can see collated data that covers:

  • Client Reports – ready to bill, billed, paid, trust balance and much more
  • Timekeeper Reports – sort by billable and nonbillable time, understand employee trends
  • Attorney Compensation Reports – billable hours, fixed fees, expenses, what’s been paid
  • Ready to Bill Reports – Receivable balance, trust balance, last payment made — all tied into QuickBooks Online

LeanLaw ties the productivity of your law firm to its financial data – always accurate and  in real-time.

Onboarding and Customer Service in General

We want to brag a little here: we’re very responsive. We get you into the software. We hold your hand. Don’t let your lack of technical expertise be a barrier. We’ll be there for you.

“Tech support has been great.”

Mark Ryan @ Ryan Kuehler

“I don’t have quality technology guidance readily available in my area, but they did all of this work remotely and with little disruption to my practice. LeanLaw is now my most trusted adviser as I assess how technology facilitates my practice. “

Robin Brody
Former LeanLaw Client because now she’s an…
Idaho Supreme Court Justice