AbacusNext vs. LeanLaw: 5 Reasons to Switch For Mid-Market Law Firms

AbacusNext Vs. LeanLaw

LeanLaw: the Top Rated Legal App for QuickBooks Online Advanced

The mid-market law firm has options beyond expensive and custom legal billing software: QuickBooks Online + LeanLaw. If you are thinking about an AbacusNext alternative but haven’t got all of your questions answered, you’re in the right place.

LeanLaw is a cloud-based legal timekeeping, billing and accounting software. LeanLaw’s QuickBooks Online integration is the best that you’ll find anywhere, that’s why we’re the top-rated legal app in the QuickBooks Online App Store. You don’t sync because you ARE ALWAYS in sync with QuickBooks as the source of truth.

LeanLaw believes that you should create a law stack – a collection of best-in-class cloud accounting software for lawyers that specializes in the work you need to get done. Best-in-class apps connect with each other so that you can stay in your online environment (GSuite or Outlook) and still get the most robust apps to do the legal workflows you need and talk to one another.

5 Reasons to Switch from AbacusNext to LeanLaw:

  1. Real-time, 2-way sync with QuickBooks Online Advanced and QuickBooks Online means less manual work, greater accuracy and real-time visibility to your financials. You can even enter expenses from QuickBooks Online or directly in LeanLaw. The millennial attorneys in your firm will breathe a sigh of relief.
  2. LeanLaw turns legal trust accounting into just a few clicks in app rather than something you have to add manually to QuickBooks. Your accountant and bookkeeper will love you because you’ve taken away most of their busy work.
  3. Real-time reports like revenue by attorney, timekeeper reports, and trust reports let you understand the profitability and productivity of your mid-market law firm.
  4. Ease of Use: with LeanLaw, Timekeeping & Billing is your core workflow – if you can streamline with the top-rated legal billing software in the QuickBooks App store, everything else will fall into place.
  5. Switching to LeanLaw is a breeze and LeanLaw will hold your hand when you need to onboard. Your data will come with you. LeanLaw has ultra-responsive customer service.

With LeanLaw, you’ll save hours each week and everyone knows, time is a commodity that cannot be replaced. (And that time = money, right?)

  • If your time is super easy to track – you’ll make more money.
  • If you send out your invoices in a timely manner, you’ll be paid faster.
  • If you understand the data, and know who is a great client and which clients sit in accounts receivable too long, you’ll understand where your profitability lays.

LeanLaw is a great alternative to AbacusNext . Save time, money and hassle.}

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