LeanLaw - Best Legal Software Integration into QuickBooks Online

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When you’re looking for a new legal timekeeping and accounting software, there’s a lot of investigating to do. It’s a big deal to make the switch and to take the rest of your firm with you on this journey. Is the software easy to use? Will your colleagues use it? Does it integrate with your workflows? Will the software improve those workflows?

Integration is part of the product, not an add on.

We think of QuickBooks Online as a function of LeanLaw’s workflow and not some feature that we’ve added after the fact. This seamless and continuous integration is realized in several areas including:

LeanLaw is not part of a sync. It is always in sync because it is always connected to QuickBooks.

LeanLaw supports deeper integration and more advanced features.

In LeanLaw, you can add data in either QuickBooks Online or LeanLaw and it will appear in both. We support more advanced features, like:

  • Continuous, 2-way sync.  No manual entry into two apps.
  • Workflow automation for trust accounting.
  • Expense, bills, and checks can be entered in QuickBooks Online or LeanLaw add expense in LeanLaw.
  • Client or matter based billing. (customer or sub-customer based billing in QuickBooks)
  • Classing in QuickBooks compensation reporting.

LeanLaw augments the standard QuickBooks invoice to be more legal friendly both in format and client / matter distinctions.

QuickBooks Online as a source of truth.

When we say that QuickBooks is the source of Truth, what we’re saying is that there is only one set of data, one general ledger — no syncing involved. This means that your data is always accurate.

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