LeanLaw Pro + QuickBooks Online Advanced - a winning combo for mid-size law firms

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QuickBooks Online has entered the mid size law firm market with a new product, launched in 2019: QuickBooks Online Advanced. Combined with LeanLaw Pro, LeanLaw’s newest product offering, mid size law firms can get a robust invoicing workflow where roles are clearly defined, data is accessible from anywhere (cloud-based), the product will grow with your law firm, and all this is backed by the industry standard accounting software, QuickBooks Online.

Front End / Back End

LeanLaw, the top rated legal app in the QuickBooks Online app store, gives the law firm the front end of a legal focused timekeeping and invoicing tool with QuickBooks, the industry’s leading online accounting software, as the back end. But not everyone needs to be, or should be, working in QuickBooks. Since LeanLaw syncs continuously with QuickBooks, those who input time, review invoices and review reports or dashboard data in LeanLaw can access accurate, real-time accounting data in QuickBooks without getting into the chart of accounts or other places they don’t belong. Clearly defined user roles help lawyers stay in LeanLaw and only those who need to be in QuickBooks work there.


LeanLaw’s data architecture is accessible and transparent: you don’t have to wait for a monthly report. You can access the data any time with just a few clicks. Getting this information to decision-makers is no longer a manual, tedious process. you can also export data to Excel or Google Sheets for customized reporting. Since LeanLaw Pro has 2-way real-time integration with QuickBooks Online Advanced, there is only one set of books, and the data is always up to date and accurate.

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Built for Scale

QuickBooks Online Advanced + LeanLaw gives law firms more scale and control over user access, a higher degree of service, and more engineering horsepower – both in back-end infrastructure and also in features focused on mid-size law firms. This includes user roles, bulk invoicing, bulk payments, and auto compensation reports. This means that QuickBooks Online Advanced + LeanLaw will grow as your firm grows. With unlimited accounts in the chart of accounts, there is no ceiling for your law firm. The software can grow with your firm indefinitely.

Cloud Based Platform

LeanLaw Pro is built around the industry standard, QuickBooks Online Advanced. Both softwares are accessible anywhere, anytime. QuickBooks Online is a true software platform managed by the Fortune 500 company, Intuit. This means there is an army of QuickBooks experts, called ProAdvisors, who can serve your bookkeeping and accounting needs. The energy and innovation surrounding the QuickBooks platform has given rise to over 600 apps to extend its functionality. Think of Hubdoc, Expensify and Bill.com as examples.

If you’re a mid-size law firm and you know you need new financial software, it’s time to check out QuickBooks Online Advanced + LeanLaw Pro. The software will make your firm run smoother with less manual work and more accessible data. Combined with the expertise of QuickBooks ProAdvisors, you’ll have robust, automated workflows and data that will give you a better understanding of the financial health of your law firm.