LeanLaw tops TopLaw’s “Hot New Legal Products of 2022” List

TechnoLawyer, the “gold standard for legal technology information,” has singled out LeanLaw’s AI integration.

LeanLaw’s GPT3 AI integration to summarize the invoice narrative has caught the attention of the legal industry. TechnoLawyer, an award-winning newsletter, has recognized LeanLaw as a company to watch in 2023.

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LeanLaw, a technology innovator for legal and professional services, has integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its platform to better serve its clients with “AI-Powered Invoice Narrative,” using the core AI model of GPT-3 that powers ChatGPT. 

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LeanLaw is a premier legal app in the QuickBooks Online app store and empowers team members to track, invoice, report billable time and streamline billing to maximize profitability. The company plans to bring more capabilities associated with billing software in 2023 with a relentless focus on empowering attorneys and administrators with the best tools to improve their workflows and reinforce the value they bring to clients.

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