LeanLaw Unveils Lean Insights, A Revolutionary Dynamic Reporting Feature for Law Firms

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Boise, Idaho, September 26, 2023  — LeanLaw, a leader in legal financial software, today announced the launch of Lean Insights, an advanced reporting feature aimed at providing firms with unparalleled access and control over their data. 

Lean Insights is designed to empower law firms to customize the data they need. Not only are those reports visual and interactive, they can be made actionable with smart alerts (think: if an invoice is overdue by x days, an alert is sent to the responsible attorney). LeanLaw’s vision is that every stakeholder has a custom report that highlights the data that is most meaningful to them. The reports are available in real-time dashboards: no longer will firms need to ask their vendors for custom reports or entirely rely on manual reports using Excel.

LeanLaw is a premier app in the QuickBooks Online app store. With industry-best integration into QuickBooks Online, LeanLaw supercharges QuickBooks Online for law firms.

Lean Insights Product Overview

Lean Insights takes LeanLaw’s reporting function to the next level, offering advanced reports enhanced with filtering as well as visual elements such as charts, summary boxes, and more. 


In Q4 2023, Lean Insights will extend its functionality by allowing users to customize reports based on their data – both from LeanLaw and imported data.

“With Lean Insights, firms have the flexibility to tailor their reporting and gain control over their reporting needs. This will unquestionably lead to growth and profitability,” said Jonathon Fishman, LeanLaw CEO. “The competition may offer reports, but LeanLaw goes a step further by giving you access to your own data, in real-time, so you can use it in ways that make sense for your firm.” 

Targeting mid-sized firms with operator roles and solo/duo firms, Lean Insights offers benefits across all roles in a firm. 

  • For operators it provides significant time savings by reducing manual work (and error) in tools like Excel and offering custom dashboards for key stakeholders. 
  • Principals can gain easy access to understanding the health of their business and insights that can identify potential areas for improvement. 
  • Attorneys will see tracked time all in one place and ensure they fully capture all billable hours.

For more information about Lean Insights and how it can revolutionize your legal firm’s reporting capabilities, visit our advanced reporting webpage.

About LeanLaw

LeanLaw is a leading provider of legal management software designed to streamline law firm operations and improve profitability. Its suite of tools includes time tracking, billing, and advanced reporting capabilities. With LeanLaw, law firms can focus on what they do best – practicing law.


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