LeanLaw leads AI adoption for the Legal Billing Industry with release of "AI-Powered Invoice Narrative”

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Just two weeks since ChatGPT took the world by storm, LeanLaw, a technology innovator for legal and professional services, integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our platform to better serve our clients.

BOISE, ID, December 19, 2022 – As potential use cases for Artificial Intelligence (AI) rippled across social media for the past two weeks, LeanLaw has produced real-time innovation with GPT-3 (the core AI model that powers ChatGPT). In less than a week, LeanLaw launched “AI-Powered Invoice Narrative” as part of LeanLaw’s mission of helping law firms be more efficient, collaborative and profitable through smarter financial operations. LeanLaw’s clients send over 20K invoices each month.

How Does LeanLaw Do This?

Drafting a narrative from scratch for every matter on every invoice is time-consuming and not feasible or common for busy attorneys and their teams.

By training the AI model to:

● scan the line items in the invoice
● understand the nature of the matter
generate an invoice summary

LeanLaw clients have an effortless foundation upon which to communicate their value to their clients as well as the choice to extend and edit the summary — a constant improvement in communication. When clients of law firms understand the value of the work contained within the invoice, they pay faster.

“The commoditization of technology has accelerated. What used to take months now takes weeks to implement. As a technology leader leaning into AI, LeanLaw can exponentially accelerate what we can bring to market and how quickly we can learn and iterate. The speed frees us up to be more innovative.” – LeanLaw CTO & Co-Founder Fred Willerup

LeanLaw is a premier legal app in the QuickBooks Online app store. Built right on top of QuickBooks Online, LeanLaw provides a seamlessly integrated, complete financial solution for modern, mid-sized law firms looking to reduce overhead and find workflow efficiencies.

LeanLaw empowers every team member to track, invoice and report billable time, collaborate efficiently from anywhere, and streamline billing to maximize profitability.

“Combining our smart workflows with targeted AI is creating an immediately accessible solution for our current clients as well as a dramatic impact on how professional services and law firms operate. LeanLaw is actively charting a course throughout 2023 to bring awe-inspiring capabilities not typically associated with billing software.” – LeanLaw CEO & Co-Founder Jonathon Fishman

LeanLaw will be setting the pace in 2023 for adoption of AI in compelling use cases in the legal billing industry with a relentless focus on empowering attorneys and administrators with the best tools to improve their workflows and reinforce the value they’re bringing to clients.

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The first draft of this press release was generated by ChatGPT.