LeanLaw Legal Software Updates from Fred, LeanLaw CTO

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Expanded User Features in LeanLaw Legal Software Updates

LeanLaw CTO, Fred Willerup, continually integrates user feedback to update and improve LeanLaw legal software. Today, he talks about User Roles and getting users invited and integrated into the software more easily. If you’re a LeanLaw user and you have suggestions for the software, please contact us. We want to know.

Here’s Fred to explain the new stuff:

I am excited to announce better user roles in today’s LeanLaw Legal Software Update:

  • User roles: Principal, Attorney, Operator and Timekeeper
  • Automatically including users on matters when they are created

See this short video for an overview:

We also made it easier to invite users. Now when inviting new users you can set their roles and their rates and they can be included on matters even before they register.

Instructions here:

These updates are part of a bigger effort to help firms with more than a few people to have simple, yet flexible workflows. More to come on this, but don’t hesitate to let us know what you think or any ideas you have to make it even better.

Fred Willerup, CTO