LeanLaw Arrives at QuickBooks Connect 2019, San Jose

The LeanLaw team first came to QuickBooks Connect as total newbies in 2017. This past QuickBooks Connect in San Jose, 2019, we enjoyed a three-day whirlwind of seeing old friends, meeting new ones and forging partnerships. We have traveled so far in such a short time! 

We came home from QuickBooks Connect with energy and purpose. We’ve strengthened our relationships with QuickBooks in two ways: 

LeanLaw’s alignment with Intuit’s big bet on mid-market professional service firms is a fortuitous fit for both companies. Intuit wants to disrupt the mid-market of accounting software and LeanLaw is ready with domain expertise and software to fill the gaps. We couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity!

Secondly, the response of QuickBooks ProAdvisors to LeanLaw has been extremely gratifying. ProAdvisors with expertise in the legal field, (we have a program for them called the LeanLaw Accounting Pros) are indispensable to Intuit’s disruption of the mid-market. We had an amazing time working with and learning from extremely talented professionals like Lynda Artesani, Caren Schwartz, Gale Kirsopp, Brandi Derrick and Sarah Prevost. With QuickBooks Online, ProAdvisors and apps like LeanLaw working together, law and professional service firms can be transformed into 21st century dynamos.

We had such a blast presenting a series of law-related programs on Accountant Day, the “law track” as we called it, with our ProAdvisor friends. Our CEO, Gary Allen started out with “Everything you always wanted to know about law firm clients but were afraid to ask,” which set the tone that lawyers are great clients and that niching into law is a great way to expand your business and be valued as a trusted adviser. Caren talked about using QuickBooks Online in a law firm, Brandi taught us about law firm trust accounting, and Jonathon Fishman, one of LeanLaw’s founders, led a panel including Lynda, Caren and Brandy, to talk about law firm advisory practice. 


The momentum and synergy that law track created provided a framework for our experience at the entire conference: ProAdvisers mobbed our booth to ask questions and get a better understanding of niching into law firm clients. Gary hosted a number of “braindates” about working with law firm clients. People kept coming back to our booth to learn more — not just about technology, but about serving law firm clients and learning to be a trusted advisor. We weren’t just selling an app, we and the ProAdvisors together were also creating a community.

We came away extremely impressed with Intuit. It is so unusual to see a big company that is so focused on the customer, and so committed to having the flexibility of a start-up. We feel lucky about the alignment we have with where Intuit wants to go, and the potential for partnership. 


After three days of QuickBooks Connect, our crew, consisting mostly of introverts, sat glassy eyed and exhausted. But with a bit of rest, we are back with a spring in our step ready to change the world. Thank you, QuickBooks Connect! 

LeanLaw clients get QuickBooks discounts

LeanLaw clients get QuickBooks discounts
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