Law Track at QuickBooks Connect

On the first day of QuickBooks Connect, LeanLaw will participate in a “law track” – a series of breakout sessions devoted to accounting professionals who are interested in niching into law firm clients.

LeanLaw is uniquely suited for this series not only because we are the highest rated legal app in the QuickBooks Online App Store, but also because we talk to law firms and their accounting professionals every day. We speak lawyer and we can get you fluent through our coaching, our articles, webinars and monthly online meetups.

Here’s the schedule for November 6, Day 1 of QuickBooks Connect 2019:

10:30am LeanLaw CEO Gary Allen: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Law Firm Clients But Were Afraid to Ask

Small law firms are a great niche for ProAdvisors. Law firms are stable and make good money, but law firm accounting is complicated, and law firms have their own language. This introductory class covers the basics of the industry – its size, characteristics, practice areas and demographics. You will also learn what accounting services different legal segments need, where their pain points are, and how to talk to them about your services. A complete foundation for starting in the legal niche.  

Find out more about Gary Allen.

1pm LeanLaw Accounting Pro Caren Schwartz: Working with QuickBooks Online and Law Firms

Small and medium size legal firms are growing in number. QuickBooks Online works for law firms but it is important to understand the limitations for law firms and how to adapt to their particular needs. Knowing what questions to ask, when to use outside apps and how to choose and integrate those apps can help legal firms to grow and thrive and use QuickBooks Online most effectively. Consultants can help clients steer clear of hurdles and make the pieces fit together for a happy QuickBooks Online firm.

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2:30pm LeanLaw Accounting Pro Brandy Derrick: Advanced Legal Firm Issues – Handling Trust Accounts and Other Complex Reporting Situations

Depending on the size and type of law firm you are working with, they have special reporting needs. Learn how to customize reports in QuickBooks Online, what other tools you might need, and best practices for how to handle situations for different types of law firms. Take an in-depth look at trust ledger reports, expense reports, WIP, and compensation reports. Learn what attorneys need, depending on the type of law they practice and their size, and how to easily get them the information they need. 

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4pm LeanLaw Chief Service Officer Jonathon Fishman and LeanLaw Accounting Pros Lynda Artesani, Brandy Derrick and Caren Schwartz  Power Panel: How to Provide Advisory Services to Your Legal Firm Clients

If you already have law clients, you want to evolve the relationship. To do that, you need to know the specifics of law firm workflows, who works there, metrics and compliance.

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Jonathon Fishman

Lynda Artesani

If you are going to QuickBooks Connect, stop by our booth, D11, and pick up a I ♥ Lawyers tshirt. We hope to see you there!

LeanLaw clients get QuickBooks discounts

LeanLaw clients get QuickBooks discounts
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