Case Study: Law Firm controller stabilizes invoicing and finds 20 extra billable hours each month for attorneys

Law Firm controller stabilizes invoicing and finds 20 extra billable hours each month for attorneys

The Challenge

PCLaw was complex: it took law firm controller, Natali Herrador three hours twice each month to create productivity and WIP reports. The lawyers were entering time on legal pads and having assistants type them into draft invoices. The kicker: PCLaw kept randomly changing the balances on the firm’s invoices. “We didn’t know if our past due balances were correct or not.”

PCLaw was using all of her time to double check her work. The firm’s managing partner wanted to switch to QuickBooks. Natali searched for programs that integrated “flawlessly” with QuickBooks. She discovered LeanLaw.

The Solution

Using LeanLaw, Natali creates productivity and WIP reports in just a few clicks and has the confidence that they are accurate since the software is cloud-based, with two-way continuous sync, and has QuickBooks as the source of truth.

The younger lawyers who use LeanLaw timekeeping can manage all of their administrative work on their own. One full time legal assistant role was no longer needed. The admin work is so significantly reduced that those lawyers have an extra 20 billable hours available each month. Natali even has time within her regular hours for the firm’s tax prep: that saves the firm an additional $5K.

LeanLaw automation has freed up about 20 hours each month of lawyers’ time, which allows them to take on new matters and spend more time doing billing instead of admin.


Benefits of LeanLaw

  • Minutes to Create Reports (instead of hours)
  • Timekeeping pushed automatically to invoicing 
  • Easy to use, immediate access to data

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Accounts Payable

Client / Matter

General Ledger


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Trust and Retainer

Law Firm Accounting Professionals Weigh In

Caren Schwartz
35-45 Consulting-Global

Changing software is not something your law firm does lightly, nor do you want to do it often. It’s important to do your homework and understand your firm’s needs, analyze your choices, and put together a plan, including project management. That’s the best way to get to a new solution that helps your firm move forward.

Lynda Artesani & Sarah Prevost
The Proper Trust

In our experience after numerous law firm software migrations, the key to success in purchasing new financial software is to understand what critical features are MOST important to your business. Understand how it fits with your current (and future) staff and how your current best practices will work within these new tools. Picking a tool and a partner to help you migrate is essential to the success of this journey.