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QuickBooks Desktop vs. QuickBooks Online: 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To QuickBooks Online

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You may have read our post – 5 Myths Why QuickBooks Can’t Work For Attorneys – or maybe you haven’t. In any case, we would like to follow up – and double down on this idea.

LeanLaw believes that cloud-based software is simply better than desktop software. We believe this as a general rule. There might be exceptions, but we haven’t found them. (If you would like to suggest one – leave it in the comments. We’ll look into it.)

As for QuickBooks Online, here are 5 specific reasons why we suggest you make the switch:

  1. Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks, has committed to the 2.8 million small business users of QuickBooks Online (as of Q4 2017). This is where the greatest number of Intuit’s new customers come. If QuickBooks Desktop is a stagnant sector of their business – rightfully so, it ain’t the future – they are going to put their resources where the new energy and customers are. Intuit wants to support you on QuickBooks Online.
  2. Because Intuit’s priority is QuickBooks (and not desktop), that’s where the accountants are learning how to take care of their clients. If the majority of Intuit’s clients are on QuickBooks Online, the majority of expertise will be there as well. The QuickBooks Online community is energized. Online (vs. Desktop) solves a lot of problems for accountants as well — access, apps, management of multiple clients books and more.
  3. Since QuickBooks Online is online, that army of accountants mentioned above can service you from anywhere in the world. You have more choice in providers, important if you live in a small community that might not support the kind of accounting you need.
  4. Again, since we’re talking about cloud-based software, it’s easier for an accountant to interact with your accounts because you are no longer tethered to one machine. You and your bookkeeper / accountant have access from anywhere — and it’s real-time data, the most accurate kind of data. If you use Desktop and lost the machine on which you store your accounting, how would that impact your practice? What if you lose contact with your bookkeeper / accountant?
  5. Because Intuit has created a platform for QuickBooks, similar to the iPhone, there are apps created by 3rd parties (like LeanLaw) that increase QuickBooks Online’s functionality. Essentially, you have hundreds of companies trying to make QuickBooks Online even better for your business.
  6. Lastly, another plus of cloud-based software is that it never needs to be updated or backed up. That happens automatically, in the cloud. The cloud is inherently built for multi-users and therefore, no tech hassle to facilitate more than one user on the system. Also, there is no checking with your teammate if they are in QuickBooks Desktop.

The myth of feature gap in QuickBooks Online is no longer true. The idea that desktop is better is not the truth.

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