LeanLaw & Intuit Have Partnered to Serve Mid-sized Law Firms.

LeanLaw and QuickBooks Online Advanced have entered into an agreement to collaborate and jointly go-to-market with their powerful solutions for mid-sized law firms, offering firms the top-rated legal product in the QuickBooks Online ecosystem. Read More

  • Kenny Lee Avatar

    Improving reporting for my law firm was the impetus to switch to LeanLaw + QuickBooks. With LeanLaw, I get just the features I need, time tracking, invoicing and reporting (who... read more

  • Jenna Shelton Avatar
    Jenna Shelton

    LeanLaw referred Brandy Derrick, a LeanLaw Accounting Pro and QuickBooks ProAdvisor, to provide assistance in migrating from Time Slips and PC Desktop to LeanLaw. Brandy taught me how to generate... read more

  • Sarah Prevost Avatar
    Sarah Prevost

    LeanLaw, with the newly designed QuickBooks Online Advanced platform, creates a healthier way of doing business. Together, they offer significant advantages: better systems, integrations, transparency, real time data, custom user... read more

  • Lynda Artesani Avatar
    Lynda Artesani

    With QuickBooks online and the right apps, you can save minimally 8 hours per week by automating the processes. Combine that with an app like LeanLaw and you have a... read more

  • Todd Schroder Avatar

    Leanlaw has been instrumental in the smooth transition to our remote capabilities. Our associates were quick to adopt LeanLaw’s simple to use time tracking and billing environment. Our client managers... read more

  • Nancie Ward Avatar
    Nancie Ward
    Office Manager, ONGARO PC

    As the office manager of a mid-size law firm, what I appreciate most about LeanLaw + QuickBooks Online Advanced is that I can efficiently process bulk invoices, I have immediate... read more

By leveraging LeanLaw plus QuickBooks Online, legal customers have the ability to:

  • Automate workflows: Increase productivity and decrease manual work by automating workflows. For example, anywhere, anytime, any device timekeeping pushes automatically to invoices which can be emailed to clients and paid directly with QuickBooks Payments, another service offered by Intuit.
  • Real-time financial transparency: Understand the finances of a law firm with a few clicks — real-time data includes everything the firm needs to manage client billing and payments, firm and timekeeper productivity, and law firm compensation.
  • Clearly defined user roles: LeanLaw’s user roles allow a firm to control the financial data its employees and partners can access within LeanLaw.
  • Scalable Solution: Both QuickBooks Online Advanced and LeanLaw Pro are built to accommodate the complex needs of mid-sized law firms.

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