Not All QuickBooks Integrations Are Created Equal

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Continuous, 2-way sync is essential to have a modern, automated law firm workflow with QuickBooks. Without it, you are setting yourself up for manual workarounds. 

One Set of Books: LeanLaw makes QuickBooks the source of truth

Many software vendors say that they sync with QuickBooks Online and some even have an app in the QuickBooks Online app store. More often than not, this is a rudimentary, one-way sync that means the numbers you’re looking at might not be real-time data. In this case, you have to manually sync and will frequently have what is referred to as “stale data”. 

LeanLaw – Best Legal Software Integration into QuickBooks Online

LeanLaw treats QuickBooks integration as part of the workflow, rather than a feature, with QuickBooks as the source of truth. The result: one set of books that alleviates unnecessary, manual work when the numbers don’t match.

LeanLaw has a real-time connection to key QuickBooks features, such as classing, QuickBooks Payments, and custom form fields to improve data integrity and our clients’ experience. 

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Time Saving Benefits of LeanLaw + QuickBooks Online:

  • When you create a client in LeanLaw, that client also gets created automatically in QuickBooks. 
  • When you create an invoice in LeanLaw, that invoice also gets created automatically in QuickBooks. 
  • If you edit an invoice in QuickBooks, LeanLaw will update the totals. 
  • If you add an expense in QuickBooks, you can tag it and it will auto add to LeanLaw. 
  • If you pay an invoice in QuickBooks, you can see that information in LeanLaw. 
  • If you add a transaction to your trust account, you can see that information in LeanLaw.
  • Trust ledgers are always in sync and reconcilable in QuickBooks.
  • You’ll see real time information for AR balances, trust balances, invoice status, QuickBooks payments in LeanLaw

We’re never done making QuickBooks Online work for law firms. LeanLaw’s reporting features ensure you have better information to run your law firm. LeanLaw reporting includes:

  • Origination Reports by Firm, User, Client, and Matter
  • Productivity Reports
  • Expense Reporting
  • WIP Reports
  • Ready to Bill
  • IOLTA Trust Reporting

Case Study: Burkhalter Law Accelerates Cash Flow by 300%

LeanLaw positions integration as a tool to collect money more efficiently. We enable critical accounting features so that they’re available to the law firm to run their business more productively and profitably.

Benefits of Data-Driven Productivity for Law Firms – LeanLaw

The end result: the law firm works in an app that is native to them and accounting can happen in QuickBooks. There are no manual tasks since everyone is working with the same, real-time data. LeanLaw enables one set of books between itself and QuickBooks Online, while everyone works in the software where they feel most comfortable.