How to Get Referrals from LeanLaw

leanlaw referrals

The LeanLaw Accounting Pros program’s mission is to:

Bring together accounting pros to learn how to service the accounting needs of law firms so that they can fluently understand both QuickBooks Online as well as LeanLaw software, become trusted advisors to LeanLaw’s law firm clients, niche into whatever aspect of accounting is most interesting to them and successfully expand their businesses.

LeanLaw’s interest in building up the program is so that our clients have a choice when it comes to their law firm accounting. Towards that end, we want to provide the accounting pros with education, business training, and a community of fellow trusted advisors with the idea that rising tide lifts all ships. The more confident LAPs feel about their businesses and their mastery of law firm accounting with LeanLaw & QuickBooks, the more opportunity will increase for all parties.

One of the benefits of being an LeanLaw Accounting Pro is getting client referrals. There are a few ways to work this:


Get the highest certification level as quickly as possible. Lawyers are not particularly price sensitive and would like the most professional, knowledgeable person for the job. If you are at the Gold level, that is where they will look first.

Online Directory

Law firms actually look at our online directory. This is why it’s so important that you put your best into the content and headshot you provide. Take a look into the directory. See if there is an LAP whose profile really knocks it out of the park. Please contact us with changes. We’re happy to help.

Please remember that your business website is connected to your online directory. If you get them to click through to your website (a big step forward, truly), then you have to make sure your website is polished enough for the following step: for the client to contact you. That’s the goal of your website’s messaging — you don’t have to close the deal. You just need to make contact. You need to think about your entire digital footprint. Here is an article on 9 things you can do to attain law firm clients.

Find Clients on Your Own

Yes, this could sound counterintuitive, but if you don’t have a track record with law firm clients, it will be difficult for LeanLaw to suggest a new client to be your test case. When we see you bring clients to LeanLaw, we get the understanding that you have energy to build your law firm accounting expertise. That’s when our antennae go up. 

LeanLaw will be creating content for later in the year to help you find law firm clients through improving your digital footprint. There are straightforward actions you can do to put yourself in a position to win. Stay tuned for that.

Introduce Yourself to the Sales Team

Our sales team speaks to law firm clients daily. Some of these law firms are not yet associated with accounting professionals and so our sales team will refer LAPs that they know. We want to know you so we can refer your ideal new client to you.  Again, if they don’t know you, it’s difficult to refer you to a new client. Law firms are constantly reaching out to LeanLaw with specific needs based on their size and they type of law they practice.  The sales team gets to know the law firm and their needs: whether they are mid-size, solo or if they have a specific niche in law that they cater to. Getting to know our sales team is the best way to start seeing referrals that are appropriate to your practice.  Send us an email and introduce yourself and your practice.  

Show Up in the Community

Once you register to be an LAP, you will be invited to join our community network of LeanLaw Accounting Pros, where you can collaborate, get to know each other, and learn how to grow your business. If we don’t know you, we probably won’t think of you to refer to our clients. 

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! We’re here for each other and there is plenty of business to go around. When you niche, you become a trusted advisor rather than a low cost commodity. Law firms will pay for this value. We don’t want this group to be an obligation. Rather, we see it as a place where you can get ideas and get into a groove with your business with people who are niching into the same category as you. 


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