LeanLaw Accounting Pros

An Exclusive LeanLaw Program

For Accountants & Bookkeepers Who are Experts in Law Firm Accounting

We bring together accounting professionals who service law firms to identify and execute: the most effective ways to find clients, build relationships that allow us to become trusted advisors, and ensure we’re growing a consistently profitable business. We connect here so that we can each deliver the most value to our clients, work with people that bring us energy and joy, and allow us to grow our businesses on our own terms.

Accounting Pros – Quick Overview

LeanLaw Accounting Pros (LAPs) are a community of professionals who service law firms.

LeanLaw & LAPs coach, learn and teach one another about best practices in servicing law firms.

LeanLaw partners with LAPs to win, onboard, and serve clients. We want LAPs to be the heroes to their clients.

LeanLaw Accounting Pro Blog

5 Steps to Confidently Price Cleanup Projects

5 Steps to Confidently Price Cleanup Projects

Have you ever eagerly dived into a cleanup project, and realize it’s more complicated than you originally estimated? That’s when your project quickly turns into a headache. The expanded scope causes frustration, requires additional time, and lowers your profit margin....

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Best Holiday Gift for Lawyers: Hire Yourself a Bookkeeper

Best Holiday Gift for Lawyers: Hire Yourself a Bookkeeper

As a lawyer, you earn a healthy hourly wage. Your time is worth a lot - literally. You love the law, you love helping people, and you’re proud of the work you do. I bet you don’t like bookkeeping as much and I’m sure you don’t make as much money doing it. Love it? I...

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Free Teaching and Training:

LeanLaw will coach you on how to work with law firms. You’ll receive dedicated Tier 2 support. We will also provide access to an exclusive online community of other LeanLaw financial experts so that you can collaborate, ask questions, and work together on solutions.

We Send YOU Clients:

After qualifying as a referral partner, LeanLaw will connect you to law firms who need to find the appropriate accountant / bookkeeper to help them transfer their data to LeanLaw, manage their invoicing / billing workflows, and understand real-time data reporting.

How to Win and Service Law Firm Clients

Three Reasons You Want Law Firm Clients

  • Attorneys are highly educated, professional, detail oriented clients.
  • Law firms must follow specific accounting rules set out by their Bar Associations – easily repeatable workflows once you’ve mastered your first law firm client.
  • Lawyers are a great referral source.

We Help You Onboard Clients:

LeanLaw will escort you and your clients through the onboarding process. We won’t let you get stuck halfway. We can execute this in tandem, or you can contact our dedicated team if there is an issue.

Free LeanLaw Account:

Everyone in your practice will receive a free LeanLaw account to handle professional services invoicing with the ability to deploy your clients’ accounts.

Exclusive Discounts for Your Clients:

Special discounts and early feature access for your clients will help you attract new law firm customers and retain them for years to come.

You Become a Trusted Adviser:

When you guide your clients through LeanLaw, their billing and trust compliance workflows smooth out – which in turn gives them opportunities to service more clients. LeanLaw also provides real-time data reports to give your clients a better understanding of the health of their law firms.

Streamline Your Own Efficiency:

LeanLaw positions QuickBooks Online as the source of truth. This means one general ledger and NO manual work between applications. When you are more efficient, you can have more clients, thanks to automation.

New Feature Access:

Get direct input via our development team for product features that would benefit your clients. Get early access to new features.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

At LeanLaw we LOVE our Accounting Pro Partners, and we think the feeling is mutual.

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