PCLaw vs. LeanLaw: 5 Reasons to Switch For Mid-Market Law Firms

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As a mid-market law firm, finding the right legal billing software is essential for streamlining your workflows, improving your billing accuracy, and maximizing your profitability. The legal industry has seen a lot of technology advancements, making it more important than ever to have the right software to support your business.

Ditch the Old Software

We’ve heard from quite a few LeanLaw clients who switched from PCLaw | Time Matters that the breaking point was the instability of the PCLaw software functionality:

  • Random balance changes on invoices
  • Lack up software updates
  • Lack of connection to the bank (manual workaround time)
  • Hours to create productivity and WIP reports
  • On-premise software solutions are no longer functional for today’s needs: cloud based is the way to go

If you’re a legal professional currently using PCLaw and looking for an alternative that can provide greater efficiency, stability, and productivity, LeanLaw might be the right solution for you. 

Case Study: Law firm saves $60K/Year and finds 20 extra billable hours / month per lawyer after dumping PCLaw

Best In Breed vs. All-in-One

LeanLaw is a cloud-based legal timekeeping, billing, and accounting software that offers a real-time, 2-way sync with QuickBooks Online Advanced and QuickBooks Online. LeanLaw is the top-rated legal app in the QuickBooks Online App Store and an all-in-one financial solution for midsize law firms.

LeanLaw believes in the best-in-breed approach to legal software. Instead of all-in-one legal practice management software for your law office, why not use the best software with for each workflow? Some examples:

Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 for:

  • Document Management
  • Email / Communications
  • Calendaring

QuickBooks and LeanLaw for:

  • Time tracking billable hours
  • Invoicing
  • Reports (from productivity, to profitability and compensation tracking)
  • ePayments
  • Legal Accounting
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5 reasons to switch from PCLaw to LeanLaw in 2023:

1.Real-time, 2-way sync with QuickBooks Online Advanced and QuickBooks Online: With LeanLaw, you don’t have to worry about syncing because you’re always in sync with QuickBooks as the source of truth. This means less manual work, greater accuracy, and real-time visibility to your financials.


2. Automated Client Trust Accounting: LeanLaw automation turns legal trust accounting into just a few clicks, rather than manual workarounds connected to QuickBooks, saving your bookkeeper hours of time and effort.

3. Real-time Reports: LeanLaw provides real-time reports like revenue by attorney, timekeeper reports, and trust reports. LeanLaw’s easy-to-access reports give you insight into the profitability and productivity of your law firm. You can make pro-active and informed decisions from your own data.

4. Ease of Use: With LeanLaw, Timekeeping & Billing becomes your core workflow. If you can streamline with the top-rated legal billing software in the QuickBooks App store, everything else will fall into place.

5. Ultra-responsive Customer Support: Switching to LeanLaw is a breeze, and LeanLaw will hold your hand when you need to onboard. Your data will come with you, and LeanLaw has ultra-responsive customer service.

LeanLaw + QuickBooks Online gives you a powerful, data-rich workflow that provides:

  •  real-time reporting of financial data, 
  • compensation, productivity and client management, 
  • trust balance, 
  • trends against the trust balance, 
  • timekeeper‘s recent activity with a client, 
  • integrated QuickBooks data such as payments and AR balances.

In addition, LeanLaw offers:

  • anywhere, any device time entry (Mobile appAndroid or iOS, Laptop, Desktop, Calendars),
  • automated trust accounting
  • LEDES invoicing, 
  • bulk time entry
  • digital invoicing workflow with review/edit before delivery to a client, 
  • custom invoicing, 
  • ePayments
  • scalable workflows for larger law firms.

Since LeanLaw is cloud based, there is no annual maintenance plan, no downtime for software updates, and no IT person who has to maintain your on-premise server. Overall, if you want to save time, increase productivity, and maximize profitability, LeanLaw is a great alternative to PCLaw – and really any law practice management software for midsize law firms

With LeanLaw and QuickBooks Online, you can have the modern, data-rich workflows that your millennial attorneys have been clamoring for. LeanLaw is the alternative to a practice management solution.

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