Help LeanLaw Win The $100K Intuit App Showdown

Who: App developers in the Intuit App Store, like LeanLaw, are eligible to win $100K

What: Help us compete! We need our community to vote for LeanLaw early & EVERY DAY. You DON’T need to be a LeanLaw customer to vote!

How: Go to this link. Takes about 10 seconds. Vote daily.

When: The voting phase started 08/16/17 and will finish 09/15/17.

Why: Doing well in this showdown will raise awareness of LeanLaw software and bring more innovation for its users. By participating in the Intuit community, LeanLaw clients will benefit from the features and innovation that funding and exposure can bring. If we win, you win.

If LeanLaw makes it into the final round, we will be the only representative from the Treasure Valley to present at Intuit’s QuickBooks Connect conference in Silicon Valley on November 17, 2017. To get there, we need to harness the Treasure Valley business community to vote daily on the Intuit website. A strong showing will put us in a position to reach the finals.

About LeanLaw:

LeanLaw is a Boise, Idaho based subscription software service for lawyers in small law firms and solo attorneys. We make timekeeping and billing software that aims to streamline workflow, reduce redundancies and lower overhead.

Lawyers are heroes. We’re serious. Lawyers wrestle with the rule of law – one of the pillars of free society. But the expense of running a law firm prevents lawyers from being accessible to regular folks. LeanLaw champions lawyers by reducing overhead for small firms and solo practitioners – the heart of the legal profession – so that lawyers can bring justice for all at a more affordable price.

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