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Small Law Firms and Solo Attorneys Do Not Need Secretaries

Many small law firms and solo attorneys are reexamining how to best use human resources in their practices. Some small law firms need a human touch – a family law practice, or estate planning – but for many lawyers, a virtual assistant can slash overhead and give more freedom to attorneys to practice the kind of law that they have more passion for – rather than the kind of law that merely pays the bills.

LeanLaw Founder and CEO, Gary Allen, a 28­ year practicing attorney explains why you might consider hiring a virtual assistant, affording yourself the freedom to be passionate about the kind of law you practice.

By investigating whether or not a virtual assistant will work for your small law firm or solo law practice, you will be opening yourself to the idea of practicing lean law.

There are countless ways that technology can make your law practice more efficient. With a more efficient law firm, you will also open yourself up to getting back to the way you originally envisioned yourself practicing law.

At LeanLaw, we believe that lawyers are heroes who uphold the rule of law and serve as their clients’ champions. With lower overhead and greater efficiencies, lawyers have the freedom to serve more clients at a more affordable cost. Or to work less. We’ve identified low-­cost technologies, workflows, and other tips that slash the lawyer’s overhead burden. And a lawyer unshackled from high overhead is a happier, better lawyer.

Do you employ a virtual assistant? How much do you spend each month? Has it ever let you down? Let us know in the comments.

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Gary Allen, Founder and Practicing Attorney

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