Timekeeping and Billing Software That Can Shave $15K Off Overhead?

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LeanLaw Timekeeping and Billing Software is Easy to Use, Mobile and Integrates with Software You’re Already Using

If you’re starting a small law firm or already work in one, you know that keeping overhead low is a top priority for your firm’s success. If you’re not interested in practice management software, you’re going to need killer legal timekeeping and billing software – the cornerstone of most law firms. Our mission at LeanLaw is to help small law firms operate Lean – with 20% overhead or less. It’s challenging, but doable. To achieve this, we set up a clear roadmap to laying the operational infrastructure of your firm. We think Lean. We speak Lawyer.

To be lean, you need three critical ingredients:

  • The right mindset,
  • The right tools, and
  • The right people.

In this post, we’ll be talking about legal Timekeeping and Billing tools as one of the core tools of your law practice. If you want LeanLaw’s entire RoadMap to start a lean law firm, you can access it here.

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The goal of LeanLaw Timekeeping and Billing software is for an attorney to be able to complete the entire legal timekeeping and billing workflow quickly and without assistance. To achieve this goal, a simple electronic workflow is established across seven touchpoints:

  1. Matter set-up
  2. Time entry and review
  3. Draft invoice review
  4. Invoice delivery
  5. Payment
  6. Accounting integration including trust accounting
  7. Reporting

LeanLaw Timekeeping and Billing software integrates into QuickBooks Online to create smooth workflows across all seven touch points. What used to take days of back and forth and hassling with non-connected software now takes minutes.

Anyone from a junior associate to a venerable partner can learn to use this software in minutes because it easily integrates with the software you’re already using.

With the right tools, the proper infrastructure and a clear, lean mindset, you’ll be able to accomplish the goal of a lean law firm – 20% overhead or less.

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At LeanLaw, we believe in Justice for All. If lawyers have more productive workflows, they’ll have more time, money and ability to serve others. We believe lawyers are heroes – that’s you!

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Gary Allen, Founder and Practicing Attorney

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