LeanLaw Legal Billing Software

Total Automation

No Manual Workarounds

Enter time once and push it into your invoice.

Billing software integrates seamlessly with LeanLaw timekeeping.

Automate this crucial legal billing workflow and send invoices to clients in a timely manner.


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Customize Your Client’s Invoice

When clients understand their bills, they pay you faster.

Edit and control the level of detail on your clients’ legal invoices.

Add automated LEDES activity and litigation codes to meet your clients’ needs.



Get Paid Faster

Expedite invoice delivery and receive payment without a separate vendor – faster and cheaper than other online payment vendors.

The QuickBooks Online Platform connects you to the Intuit Payment Network.

Gather insights from your integrated payment data sets – all within LeanLaw.


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See All Unpaid Invoices

Don’t let lapsed payments turn into write-offs.

Real time data let’s you see exactly where your law office stands with:

  • Revenue
  • Expenses
  • Trust accounting
  • Hours summary
  • Fixed fee details

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No More Syncing

You don’t have to sync because YOU ARE IN SYNC – ALWAYS.

Deep integration with QuickBooks Online means there is only one set of data.

No more manual reconciliation or workarounds. Real-time data provides valuable reporting for clients, employees, and workflows.

Your accountant and bookkeeper will love your new law firm billing software.

Legal Reporting

Mid-Market Law Firm Focus

QuickBooks Online + LeanLaw provides a holistic, legal specific financial platform for your mid-market law firm.

Easy to use, legal-specific features like fixed fees, internal time tracking, pro bono and specialty rates.

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