LeanLaw Trust Accounting just got easier

LeanLaw Coastal Motors trust account recorded payment

Announcing improvements to the LeanLaw experience!

LeanLaw CTO, Fred Willerup, wrote to our current users about the improvements to the LeanLaw user experience, with regard to legal trust accounting:

The best legal trust accounting just got even easier. We have collected all the functions under one tab which allows you to see the balance of the trust account for each client and matter. And there are simple functions to deposit funds for a client and pay invoices with trust funds.

Here’s a short video showing how to use it:

Other changes based on your requests

  • The matter page is now organized by client, then matter, and fits more matters so you don’t have to page through as much.
  • You can now enter initials for users which will appear on invoices instead of their full name
  • You can now show initials instead of full names on invoices (under user settings)

What’s next?

We are working on work-flow features that allow teams to have a review step for time and invoices. Watch this space!

We are also working on a number of smaller improvements based on customer requests, so make sure you let us of any ideas on how LeanLaw can help make you even leaner! Send me an email.


Fred Willerup
CTO, LeanLaw