Niche into Law: Law Firms are the Best Clients

Why Accounting Firms Should Work with Law Firms

Lawyers uphold the rule of law. They don’t enjoy accounting and bookkeeping the way accounting professionals do. They deal with it, but they don’t love it. The words, “legal accounting software” might create a spark in your eyes, but the eyes of lawyers glaze over. This is where you come in — attorneys need you.

How You Can Help

Accounting professionals are poised to help law firms operate more efficiently with direct ramifications to:

When financial data is organized and well prepared, it can offer critical insights into the operations of a firm.

Seventy percent of Americans can’t afford to hire a lawyer. Too expensive. Our mission at LeanLaw is to help lawyers lower their overhead so that they can be more accessible and affordable to their clients. No matter how many jokes we have about lawyers, a lawyer is your best friend during your worst time. That’s why we believe lawyers are heroes – we know how hard they work to uphold the rule of law.

For those very reasons, attorneys also make great clients.


  • are detail oriented
  • pay their bills on time
  • need the least amount of hand-holding as clients
  • are willing to do detailed, sometimes tedious work (sound familiar?)
  • are like you: smart, detail-oriented, service providers

How LeanLaw Can Help You

At LeanLaw, we have created a LeanLaw Accounting Pros partner program. It’s similar to QuickBooks ProAdvisors in that we give you training, Tier-2 support, free software and put you in a roster of Accounting Pros that we present to our law firms clients. Being in our partner program is a recommendation to our clients that you are a good choice for them. We are also looking to connect accounting professionals so that you can create community and collaborate toward best practices.

We believe that having law firms as clients will help to grow your business. There is a certain prestige in servicing attorneys’ law practices – there is an assumption that you must be on your game if you’re dealing with law firms. Your reputation will grow in all areas if you are known for having law firm clients. Additionally, there are many workflows that law firms share, that you can automate for them — automation can vastly increase your business.

One more thing: LeanLaw software works well for any service professional – not just attorneys.

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