Why Google Apps Will Make Your Law Firm Lean

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Legal Productivity Extensions To Help You Organize

If you’re a GSuite user in your law firm, you understand how the interconnectivity of your apps can streamline your legal productivity workflow and offer dozens of elegant shortcuts, from Calendar sharing and alerts to tracking travel to integrating your to-do list. Google Apps offers robust solutions to more easily navigate the thousands of details that need attending to at your law office.

Now, there are a few more extensions to help lawyers add functionality to the way you interact with clients, document management, research, case organization and more. You can read about it, here.

Why Google Will Make Your Lawfirm Lean

At LeanLaw, our mission is for every lawyer to have a lean practice. Getting there involves not only new technology, but behavior change as well. Meaning: you have to use the technology. Sometimes, it can be an adjustment and other times, you take your first step and never look back.

The more organized you are, the better your clients are served and the calmer your environment will be. At LeanLaw, we offer legal software as well as IT services specifically catering to lawyers to help you create a lean law firm. We focus on small law firms and solo attorneys.

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