eBook: Why Accounting Firms Should Work With Law Firms

Why Accounting Firms Should Work With Law Firms eBook

How to win and work with law firm clients

Inside the eBook you’ll discover:

Why attorneys are great clients

What makes law firms / attorneys unique

How you can add value beyond bookkeeping and accounting

How to win law firm clients – marketing strategy and fundamentals

Three Reasons You Want Law
Firm Clients:

Attorneys are highly educated, professional, detail oriented clients.

Law firms must follow specific accounting rules set out by their Bar Associations – easily repeatable workflows once you’ve mastered your first law firm client.

Lawyers are a great referral source.

Hear from accounting
professionals who use our

Brandy Derrick,
Legal Ease Bookkeeping, LLC

“As a bookkeeper in the legal industry, I appreciate how well LeanLaw integrates with QuickBooks Online. It is simple to use and makes keeping up with the books easier!“

Lynda Artesani,
Artesani Bookkeeping

“This is by far my favorite app for attorneys. I work with many small law firms and this app is so easy for the attorney to work in and it works perfectly with QuickBooks Online. The process is seamless and the books stay compliant. Highly recommend!“