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Download our new eBook, RoadMap to a Lean Law Firm and you’ll get:

A practical guide to lower your overhead and increase efficiency in your law practice

What questions you need to ask to get you there

A checklist that guides you toward your goals

Hear from LeanLaw clients who followed our roadmap:

“By using the step-by-step approach you outlined, I will be able to improve our firm’s efficiency substantially.”

Mari Luna Luna Legal LLC Spokane Washington

“This is really thinking outside the box in ways that will revolutionize the practice of law. There are so many really smart and creative ideas in LeanLaw and that makes it truly exciting!”

Thomas H. Anderson Law Offices of Thomas H. Anderson, P.C.

“With just a few tools in a pretty affordable way, we can provide services that I would have previously thought would have been limited to a larger law firm. But it turns out that we can do that, too. LeanLaw gave us a level of information and decision making that we could never have achieved otherwise.”

Natalie Kuehler Ryan & Kuehler PLLC Winthrop, WA

“…what struck me was LeanLaw’s understanding of how law firms operate and how cloud based technologies should be used ­saved me a lot of time and overhead costs. LeanLaw is now my most trusted adviser as I assess how technology facilitates my practice.”

Robyn Brody, Idaho Lawyer