Case Study: Rust Law solves IOLTA, ditches MyCase, and gains law firm accounting expert

Law firm solves IOLTA, ditches MyCase, and gains LeanLaw and an Accounting Pro

The Challenge

Lisa Keele was tasked with replacing the law firm bookkeeper who had recommended MyCase to the law firm six months prior. MyCase served them well in some aspects, but not for accounting.

“The retainers were even more messed up than before. The financial workflow of the law firm was left very neglected.” Lisa was in a jam.

The idea of switching from practice management software to best in breed legal billing software was not on her radar. IOLTA trust accounting needed to be stabilized. Lisa needed a law firm accounting expert.

The Solution

Thanks to an online search, Rust Law found Geoff Burns, a LeanLaw Accounting Pro. Geoff is QuickBooks ProAdvisor, an expert in LeanLaw software (a premier app for QuickBooks) and a bookkeeper who specializes in legal accounting. The prerequisite to working with him was moving to LeanLaw.

Geoff and LeanLaw keep Rust Law in compliance with ABA rules. Peace of mind with regard to the accuracy of the retainers is a big value for Lisa. Since LeanLaw is matter-based, the retainers are much easier to parse. The clients receive invoices with their trust balance in the memo field.

There are no accounting surprises – for the law firm or their clients. An added bonus: 100% reduction in office space, health care and employment tax from outsourcing to Geoff.

“Since I’ve been using LeanLaw, I see the difference: easy access to and accuracy of the retainers. On every invoice we show the retainer balance to the client. LeanLaw is very user-friendly.”


Benefits of LeanLaw

  • LeanLaw’s custom fields puts the retainer balance on client invoices
  • Matter-based retainers streamline accounting
  • Mobile app for timekeeping for attorneys on the go

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Categories to think about:


Accounts Payable

Client / Matter

General Ledger


Band Reconciliation


Conflict Checks



Trust and Retainer

Law Firm Accounting Professionals Weigh In

Caren Schwartz
35-45 Consulting-Global

Changing software is not something your law firm does lightly, nor do you want to do it often. It’s important to do your homework and understand your firm’s needs, analyze your choices, and put together a plan, including project management. That’s the best way to get to a new solution that helps your firm move forward.

Lynda Artesani & Sarah Prevost
The Proper Trust

In our experience after numerous law firm software migrations, the key to success in purchasing new financial software is to understand what critical features are MOST important to your business. Understand how it fits with your current (and future) staff and how your current best practices will work within these new tools. Picking a tool and a partner to help you migrate is essential to the success of this journey.

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