The Simplicity of Expenses in LeanLaw

Save time and never miss billing an expense to a client.

Enter Expenses in Either LeanLaw or QuickBooks

Enter expenses, assign them to a client/matter in LeanLaw and they will appear in QuickBooks Online and vice versa.

LeanLaw leads in QuickBooks Online integration with the industry’s only two-way QuickBooks sync for expenses.

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Attach reimbursable expenses directly to the invoice

Attach invoices directly to the expense – the small stuff adds up.

Add an expense or bill into QuickBooks Online, tag the client, and LeanLaw will automatically and in real-time sync, so it is ready to be invoiced.

Total accuracy: all billable expenses will be billed to clients without double entries.

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Capture the expense at the source.

Expenses from different sources (attorneys, credit cards, bookkeepers) all end up in the same place – the client’s bill.

Watch how in this short video.

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At last! A place for soft expenses

Attorneys can capture“soft” expenses directly into LeanLaw. These are expenses that don’t have an “outgoing” component, such as mileage, copies and general overhead. LeanLaw integrates with Equitrac print management software.

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The nitty-gritty of LeanLaw’s expense feature

Want the details? LeanLaw’s Chief Technology Officer, Fred Willerup, explains how the workflow works.

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It All Adds Up: Find Out More About Expenses in LeanLaw