What is frustrating you about your law firm software?

LeanLaw Frustrated female lawyer on laptop

Looking for new law firm financial software for your mid-size law firm? Why making the switch to LeanLaw will make you feel at peace with your decision.

Let’s talk about your current law firm financial software:

Closed Environment: A closed environment speaks to the lack of integration of your current financial software. Does it integrate with your invoicing tool or other apps you want to use to track expenses, process credit cards, or facilitate collections? If not, you are not getting crucial value that is commonly available in 2020.

Modernity: The data isn’t transparent. If your team can’t access simple information like, what does the client owe me and what did I bill last month, without having to ask someone to prepare that for me again, you are missing crucial value. Is your AR separated from the rest of your financials? That creates a lot of unnecessary manual work to keep it in alignment.

Accessibility: Is your financial software old, stuck on a server? You can’t use it where you are. You have to use it where it is or through VPN. Again, this is out of alignment for 2020 and the efficiency that you deserve and that can save you loads of time and money.

Let’s talk about LeanLaw:

LeanLaw is an anywhere / any time / any device application. It is the top-rated legal software to complement QuickBooks Online. Mobile, desktop, tablet browser – wherever you are.

We don’t sync with QuickBooks Online, we integrate. This translates into one set of books with QuickBooks being the source of truth — LeanLaw’s role is to read data from QuickBooks or write to it. We are an extension of QuickBooks. This mitigates manual work and ensures that your data is accurate and complete in real time.

LeanLaw’s integration with QuickBooks allows the law firm team to work in a product that is native and intuitive to their needs — LeanLaw —  and keeps the accounting team in QuickBooks. Everyone works in an online environment that feels good to them.

LeanLaw also provides workflows that solve trust accounting, reporting, time tracking and invoicing that law firms require.

We suggest that you and your accounting team take a look at LeanLaw together. Don’t yet work with experts in legal bookkeeping and accounting? Take a look at LeanLaw Accounting Pros. These people are experts in both QuickBooks Online andLeanLaw. They are no more expensive than any other accounting pro and they will not only save you money in the long run, they will put you on a course for sustainable success with the financial operations of your mid-market law firm. You can’t afford not to have this kind of expertise.

If you’re not yet on QuickBooks, we can steer you toward the right version for you, but still, you should have a trusted advisor for this very big decision in your work life.